Zero Punctuation: Fear 2

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agreed. what im getting at is the final fantasys are repetitive, as are 99.9 persent of shooters. i want some origanialty damn it lol

lol. it was good. a world without sequals, soudns good in a way.
one thing i agree strongly with him, is about the add ons. they really suck. fear 2, i have to say, was much better then part 1 and surely better then the bad add ons. maybe my point of view.
why i find fear 2 better?
not in boring office buildings, horror was still good (but i agree, not always it was scary), the AI has its moments but not so bad as he said; so i dont really agree with him there, tits????? WTF. only because alma is naked in this game doesnt mean anything sexual. already in the first fear you see her nude; so i dissagree there too, it has a reason why alma attacks you, which you find out in the end of the game.
and i find it good that it has not a simple ending. peng, "the end". this, i think, would be bad. does everything must have a ending?
so with few things i disagree with him but otherwise it was a good review.

As a member of the glorious PC gaming master race *wink*, I am pretty pissed with Monolith over FEAR 2. FEAR, while not a stellar game itself, featured the most under-rated FPS MP gameplay, possibly ever. So for them to release this lousy port developed for consoles, without anti-cheat or server files- was a total insult to a lot of us from the original MP community.

The lack of server files especially stings. If you want to play MP you have to find someone hosting a game from their home computer, where you lag and they don't, where 16 player matches are a pointless warp-fest and when the host quits you have to find another room.

The problem is Monolith, so I'm never buying another product from Monolith again. Everyone works hard making games, but those people can always go work for somebody else. I sincerely hope their sales continue to tank and Warner Bros. guts their studio.

Hopefully the asshole responsible for FEAR 2 will be one of the ones to not be re-hired in the gaming industry. Hopefully that person will find his place in accounting, finance or some other uninspired, non-creative profession where he can never influence art or entertainment ever again.

I think Ben has said something about it before, but your patronage is the only real voice or power you have over this business. They don't give a rat's ass about what people say on forums; or worse. The gaming press is generally a complete joke as their bread and butter consists entirely of ad revenues from the subject of their "journalism."

Who's gonna look out for you? Developers? No. Gaming press? No. It's gotta be gamers looking out for gamers or it's more lackluster sequels and ports for you.

No Half Life 2 or Team Fortress 2?


Dear god, the ending was fucking weird.

Fabulous rant over a complaint you apparently completely misunderstand, smudgey.

I understand what people are saying; they're sick of endless rehashes and milking of franchises, and that's fair enough. But for people to suggest "No sequels" is actually a good idea, especially when there ARE developers who genuinely try and keep their much-loved franchises fresh? Look at resident evil; the series had an overhaul with RE 4, and RE 6 is allegedly going to be another re-booting of the franchise. Or COD4, which leapt out of WW2 and into the modern world. But I guess i shouldn't bother. If companies give people more of what they want, they'll complain that it's the same old thing. Give them something new, and they'll complain because they miss the old stuff.

funniest one in a while. well done

"A world with no sequels"

And I think to myself
What a wonderful world...

id totally be up to banning sequals, terminator 2, hl2, etc would just be totally remade as different movies/games rather then sequals

If companies give people more of what they want, they'll complain that it's the same old thing. Give them something new, and they'll complain because they miss the old stuff.

Pretty much what Yahtzee said in Silent Hill Homecoming review. Fans are never ever grateful for any concession you make.

Am I really the only person that didn't enjoy this episode all that much? I'm a little shocked.

Funny as always Yahtzee.

I liked the bit with the Skitles at the end :D

That was just plain great.
I have nothing more to add.

"Remakes will carry the death penalty!" But but, what about the legion of uneducated nerds who never played FF7, can I has remake ? .

YES! Please! A remake of FF7 (same game, better graphics!) WOULD BE EPIC!

I would cry tears of joy and happiness if this ever happened.. but I won't hold my breath.. :'(

i think NO sequels is a bit extreme - one of my favorite all time games was Prince of Persia 2: the Shadow and the Flame ( ). i just think one person should be appointed to say "Yup, go ahead, that sequel looks like a progression of the storyline into interesting new territory" or "Nope, you're rehashing the same dross, off with his head." i nominate Yahtzee.

Just a couple of quick thoughts:
1) The review was hilarious- as usual- but I'm forced to disagree to a certain extent. You really can only be disappointed with F.E.A.R. 2 if you were actually dumb enough to expect it to be different from F.E.A.R in the first place. It's kind of like action films: you check your brain at the door and expect to be entertained by the bright flashes, loud noises, and the blood spray. If you want deep, meaningful plots and storylines, go watch a drama or a period-piece, not an action film.

Personally, I bought the game, and I'm enjoying it. Do I think it's a transcendant gaming experience? Hell no! But I've sunk about 10 hours into it so far, and that averages out to slightly under $5/hour value for my entertainment dollar, and that's usually my target these days, so I guess F.E.A.R. 2 succeeded for me. Not all games are going to be revolutionary, as much as Yahtzee may wish it to be so... and in fact, it'd kinda suck if they were, because we'd all be numb to what should be great experiences.

2) the idea of no sequels is ludicrious and pollyanna. There will be sequels, even if they don't recycle the exact specifics of character names, locales, and storyline every time. If there wasn't F.E.A.R. 2, Monolith would've made the game "S.C.A.R.E" where you chase Albert, the deranged psychic boy, through the city of Marsport on Mars-- why? The bottom line is this: The success of the first installment has shown that people will shell out money for the product, and the fundamentals of business say that a successful company will continue to exploit that until it is no longer profitable for them to do so.

It's something that isn't limited to just gaming, either. Consider this (to use an example from a different entertainment field): What was Return of the Jedi? It was a chase, followed by Lightsaber duels, followed by an epic space battle, which the good guys won. What was Episode I? It was a chase, followed by Lightsaber duels, followed by an epic space battle, which the good guys won. The revenue for RotJ was $572,700,000 in 1983 dollars. Did you really honestly think you were going to get anything different in the next installment???

Why should we expect the gaming industry have a different outlook?

cool 8D

friggin ay! death to remakes!!!!!

right, the entire existence of the sequel is for the game developers to have more money, about now I'm sure your conspiracy theorist alarm is buzzing off, but when did fandom have decent rewards? At this point I'd like to point out Sonic the Hedgehog fans have been waiting for a good game for ages just to have their favorite blue pest reduced to little more than a gimmick behind 14 or so other anthropomorphic critters that are only mentioned in there comic series/television series/movie (in the future?), and now is being constantly ripped off by developers other than Sega.
As you can probably tell, I have unresolved anger towards the sonic series and if I ever meet a member of the sonic team in real life I will have to resist the constant urge to rip their head off their gelatinous, fan-neglecting, sequel-making body.

I bet Yahtzee gets depressed whenever he reads comments.

Ben seems to have forgotten the first FEAR did appear on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

"The Umbrella School of Business" Hahaha epic!
Haven't laughed this hard at ZP for ages!

that was a great part

Wow, the world would be better without sequels. But I'm not heading for law or medical school, so bring em on anyway.

A world without Sequels means that portal would not exist because its a spiritual sequel to Naculbar(that correct?)Drop
Made by the same people and everything

and even if that wasnt valid it would still mean no portal2
but would also mean that all the portal fanboys on YouTube will stop hatting me(because i said something dreadful bout', there being no portal2[fucking fanboys >:(]) and said that there was only going to be an expansion pack for portal and that was all.

oh on that, does the world with no sequels include no expansion packs,(cause if the world wasnt in madness already from there being no portal2)then god yahtzee's mind must be co-owner of a bar run by satin... and satin and yahtzee's mind are smoking pot.

Woah!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Did yahtzee just criticize Sudo51's work????
[email protected]#@$!%$!#$!#[email protected]%#[email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]$#[email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#$
im never watching this shit again!!!!!!

This is legendary! Sure one of the best reviews Yahtzee made (in my opinion).
LOLed about little girl turning lights on and off :) Superb!

Dear The Escapist,

please stop giving ZP total and utter over-priced franshised tripe to review - let him weep with the rest of the grown men who've reviewed FLOWER (that $10 girly art poem from Sony PSN). Let the 'experience' sooth the savage ZP breast.

Flower in case you've been asleep for a millennia.

i agree with you there. some of them are really good like max payne 2 for exsample. with halo is a different story, it still tells more about the story with few new things in it.
some are really crap, i agree. with fear 2 at least it tells more about the story. they just added new things in to it which i fid good. at least it dint had the same stuff as in the add ons and the same level designe.

i know that every one has different tastes but saying surton things that every has to agree with is in a way wrong.

Excellent review.

Sequels must exsist!!
Or Rocky IV would have never have blessed my life!

See, I can't agree with a world with no sequels.

You see, one of the prime imperatives with any story, no matter how complete in seeming, is the desire to find out what happens next. Without some copout like "and they all lived happily ever after" on every single story (which anyone beyond the age of about five will see right through anyway), the irresistible desire to know what happens next will only lead to one thing.

Fanfiction. A soul destroying, reality warping glut of fanfiction, which will collapse into a super-black-hole of creative nothingness, destroying all that is pure and good forever.


world with out sequels?
when and where coz i am there.
fear 1 was crap i found it too easy and how was it scary?
it was as scary as a park full of children...........not scary at all.


Okay, that does it, Yahtzee. Screaming "FUCKING CLOSURE!" at the top of your voice is NOT why i watch ZP. I originally started watching because hearing (and partially seeing) games getting curb-stomped by cold, British-accented arrogance was tons of fun. If I want to hear angry gamers, i go to Gametrailers and watch AVGN. Really. Please, bring back the good ol' ZP style that made reviews such as Halo 3, The Witcher and Painkiller so funny.

After this ZP I feel like I really don't need to play Fear.

Heh, liked the little Rome total war reference.

Loved that game. D:

What is wrong with rome total war?

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