Wii Are the Champions

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"Elitists"? "Casual gamers war"? What the frick are you guys talking about?

Seriously, does any of this kind of thing even exist outside of this forum? You seem to be making a huge deal out of a problem that doesn't exist anywhere I've seen in the real world. And I've been to LAN parties too.

Once again, WHO'S supposed to be "elitist"? Gamers? Not any that I've met...

The war is very real, u just have to open your eyes

Just the other day me and 2 friends where jumped by a group casuals outside the local gamestop store, they attacked with sharpened bejeweled discs, we had to defend ourselves. Luckily we we're strapped as always, and could deflect most of the discs with our logitec g15 keyboards, thogh I took a nasty cut to the leg.
We franticly grapped the stores display guitar hero gutars and tried to cut our way out, the casuals fell to our blows like trees to a canadian lumberjack, but they kept coming.
The store echoed with their warcries "NERF! HAXX! IMBALANCE!!!!" it was hell on earth.
In the end we found ourselves exhausted and had to flee the store. The store is now 23'rd casuals' territory, the store consoles are not running any hardcore games anymore, and i dare not come near.
life has never been the same since, i can't walk donw the street without feeling like im beeing watched, constantly looking over my shoulder

So open your eyes and stop beeing ignorant, theres a war going on, people are getting fragged every day. i ask everyone to step up and join the fight, we need every hardcore E-soldier we can get.
Whether you're into fps, rts, mmo or whatever else your game may be, Uncle 1337 needs you!

Words cannot express how full of win that post was. *bows*

hehe thx... except for the fact that we lost our turf, which is kinda like not winning :p

We're planning to get back at them. i'm currently training for our comeback.
can't w8 to show them casuals why the left hand part of the wii controller is called a nun-chuck.

I miss my Wii. It was stolen about a month or two ago but I just haven't got the drive to replace it with all my games. I mean I'm guilty, oh no, of being a casual gamer at times. Because a lot of those casual games are fun, they eat up free time and don't require a lot of investment, cheap and fun (Enter obligatory hooker joke here)still I like games with a bit of challenge.

Hardcore gaming is highly over-rated and somewhat mundane, because what do you lose in any game if you (for example) die? Time. Time and effort. Yes it sucks but I'll only consider anyone a hardcore gamer when they're willing to stake their life on that of their avatar's well-being. Any takers? I thought not. So we're all in essence still just casual gamers because all we invest is time, if you invest more time than the other guy that's just you being more casual.

I agree we need more gamers... I do have a problem with the people who will criticize me for playing God Of War, or Unreal Tournament, then start playing Wii Fit cause "this is a totally different thing." It's still a game. Anyway, I do own a Wii, cause it does have a few games for hardcore gamers, and they can still be played by newcomers. Casuals could finish Mario Galaxy, I can go searching for every single star. And has anyone tried that last survival challenge on Budokai Tenkaichi 3? Even Wii Sports had the pro title, which was sometimes a little difficult to get, or at least my dad made it look that way. Also, the Wii's poor processing power IS stupid, because they simply can't make huge games. I don't need mind-blowing graphics, but I would like a nice big varied world. The Wii had the potential to introduce people to games with a catalog of games ranging from 'newbie' to teeth-grindingly difficult. But now they can't rival the complexity available in the 360 and PS3. And definitely not the PC.

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