Unskippable: Digital Devil Saga

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keep up the good work XD


Is it just me, or did it look like the cat's teeth were on it's neck?

So many funny quotes ^_^ My favorites were:

"No! The artichoke! It was supposed to be gently simmered!"

"Ah! All my favotire organs!"

"I knew it! That's the 2ed nakedest person I've ever seen in a glowing hole!"

That is a necklace. It always rings when somebody who is important to the story dies.

How awful does it sound if they all die at once?

"It was supposed to be gently simmered!"

wait a minute...Was that a Greek mythology reference I smelled?

This game looks fucked up.

Shin Megami Tensei...

Tries to connect plot to Persona series...

<head explodes>

Was there a subtle Mel Brooks joke in there...?

Late addition:

Re: Vegetables
That giant artichoke looked more like a giant anal plug.

& Re: Colour
There was a bit more colour than just the grey... there was the green arti... I mean... green anal plug. *ugh*

You guys are awesome! You should be on TV

"single entendre" was the most win comment ever.

"dun dun dun dun dun" Doctor who! i saw what you did there! XD

I nearly crapped my pants at the zebra part...that was scary....

What is it with Shen Megami Tensei and demons and technology anyways???

Shen Megami Tensi: cleverly disguising his inane sake-drunk ramblings as deep philosophical musing for over 20 years.

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