191: Those Left Behind

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you know, your little words of

Logan Westbrook:
Those Left Behind

For every story of an MMORPG bringing a couple together, there's another where a game has pulled them apart. Logan Westbrook recounts how his wife's World of Warcraft habit has put some strain on their marriage.

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You know, your little words of wisdom at the end of your article was more or less the start up screen warning in Final Fantasy XI (which I always found an interesting warning to have in a game)

I played WoW for six months starting with its initial release--it was great.

It was great because the biggest, most time consuming "raid" instances were Upper Black Rock Spire and Scholomance. 10-15 people at the most, great quests and the time it took to do them was manageable.

Enter the Molten Core and things got ridiculous. When I play a game, and like a game, I like to achieve in that game. In order to achieve and experience the best content and equip your character with the best items in WoW it meant joining a large guild and spending hours upon hours raiding large instances.

Once this sunk in, I decided it wasn't for me. I re-subscribed a couple years later and quit after a month. Nothing had changed with that game and the amount of hours I noticed people putting in on my friends list--let's just say I COULDN'T BELIEVE how long they were online.

I'm hoping for a MMO game in the future that has the quality and polish of WoW, but without the massive time investment to experience the best content and items.

Extremely interesting article from the other side of the mirror, so to speak.

The Schroedingers phone call made me laugh with delight. Great read.

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