Zero Punctuation: Spiderman: Web of Shadows

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Way to go and piss off people who expected a Killzone review! If you're not annoying a substantial part of your fanbase, you're doing it wrong. Although you might want to look into KZ2, many reviewers compare it to CoD4 rather than GoW.

On the whole "goes out to beat up meatball" conundrum: I believe the intended message was that of inane vulgarity, while familiarizing myself with the English language I imagined this word to be more juvenile in nature then other insults that relate to one's sexual preferences. When the above mentioned phrase came up in the review I paid no attention to it(I had to replay the video to find the f-word when the whole discussion started), for me it was just another one of Yahtzee's colorful euphemisms. But hey, over here "fagot" is a name for a musical instrument(that you people call bassoon for some reason), so don't mind the words of this strange foreigner.

Lovely. Funny as always.

And I say: Chaotic Good, or in 4E terms simply Good. My reasons:
*Favors an experimental approach (Chaotic)
*Mocks established trends and rules (Chaotic)
*Highly unpredictable (Chaotic)
*Hopes that someone will listen to him and actually start making halfway-decent games (Good)
*Seeks to create rather than destroy (Good)

I'm not sure on Chaotic or Neutral(he works for the MAN Escapist after all, rather than being freelance), but he's definitely Good. Acting as a jerk does not make you Evil and outside of his gaming habits Yahtzee is yet to commit an act of evil, in fact he does quite the opposite -- writes articles on good game design and creates fun freeware himself!

How ironic i was justing think was this game a hit or was it like every Punisher movie that came out in THIS CENTURY

WTF - they made Punisher movies?!? =0

This is the only problem though its getting increasingly difficult to get original game ideas. Most original games today or general take this from this game, this from this game, and then some random crap, and we have a game. Theres nothing wrong with sequels provided it isn't the same game over and over with 1 thing changed.

I mean really, ideas for games are slim. A Spaceship that twenty years ago was a toaster has decided to rebuild the universe from scratch. Game features include: Redecorate the universe as you see fit, change space from black to indigo blue... or maroon. Place habitabal planets so close together they can jump from one planet to the other via gravity...

Anyway back to topic good review i guess. Considering the weakness of modern game releases, an old game is easily worth reviewing, felt a bit uninterested though, like a review just becuase there had to be one.

right i've rambled enough


Parallel Streaks:
I love your brand of comedy, but can you PLEASE stop using the word "faggot", it's an offensive word and whilst used mostly in satire I still find the use to encourage the internet morons with their discrimination. While I know the whole "I'm not ignorant, I hate everyone" argument is good for a chuckle but frankly the previously mentioned word just succeeds in alienating your LGBT fans, and believe me, there's a lot of us.

lol, I have to say I was surprised when I heard the word crop up.

I don't know if its edgy or just lazy. Frankly I don't care, but I wouldn't have used the term myself.

I'd recommend y'all stop being faggots about terminology. I'm bisexual, and tend to hurl as much abuse as I receive when it comes to such "inappropriate" and "alienating" words. More to the point, Yahtzee's use of it was referring to the cliche/stock example of the housebound wife and the abusive husband archetypes, treating the red-suit/websligning as the oppressed figure and the black-suit/combat as the abusive and "faggot-hating" element, where the word is appropriate for that archetype to use.

I know it's becoming a joke in itself to blame post-modern irony for this sort of "abusive" language, but that's the context he's using it in! Irony! Idiots like it because it's the same way they talk and act, intellectuals like it because it's mocking the way the idiots talk and act, and it allows the topic to be dealt with, or in this case be used to humorously illustrate how unbalanced the motion and combat is in the game.

Unfortunately, a lot of people in the middle (sensitive intellectuals and a lot of liberal types) tend to hear the word and immediately divorce it from its adjacent context, and insist that the word itself is the problem and you shouldn't say it because it's alienating and abusive. I'd argue that treating the word as taboo will only increase its offensiveness when used by those who refuse to comply...

I realise by posting this highly offtopic rant I too am contributing to the problem and being as overdramatic as the easily-offended types out there. Oh well, just thought I'd throw my two cents in.

On topic at last, great review, I'll definitely pass on the game. Travel time in games is my most hated thing, and turning webslinging into just point A -> point B really makes it boring and weak. I loved Assassin's Creed for the way it introduced multiple aspects to the terrain traversal, adding race-like flag collecting, scaling towers, eliminating enemies from multiple angles and more.

More to the point, Yahtzee's use of it was referring to the cliche/stock example of the housebound wife and the abusive husband archetypes, treating the red-suit/websligning as the oppressed figure and the black-suit/combat as the abusive and "faggot-hating" element, where the word is appropriate for that archetype to use.

I went back to watch it again and I see you are right. As I said I didn't care particularly the first time around, I was just disappointed rather as I thought he was just lazily using the term to appeal to 13 year olds or that perhaps he fell into that he had fallen into that mindset himself temporarily without realizing it.

Now that I saw it again any small drop in respect I had for Yahtzee has been reversed, thereby restoring my respect to its original level. Maybe more for reviewing what he wants rather than whatever happens to be hot this month.

I feel bad for thinking the chaotic neutral stuff was an SMT reference.
(My D&D-fu is weak.)

Yahtzee is prolly more lawful neutral, because those are the guys who judge everyone and tend to take it on themselves to also be jury and executioner.

It's a terrible time to be a game critic? But Yahtzee, what about Deadly Creatures or House of the Dead: Overkill? We need more Wii reviews and those are actually good titles for the console for once. Are they just not out in Australia yet?

Still I suppose Web of Shadows needed a well deserved burning. Better than Street Fighter IV and Yahtzee once again complaining about how he doesn't like fighting games. I dunno how a Killzone 2 review would've turned out.

if the game developers listened to yahtzee there would be no crappy games ever

for Yatzee chaotic nuetral fits very well, though with them screwing over the old system it's technically "unaligned" as chaotic nuetral no longer exists. But scince 4.0 sucks 'ill just stick with chaotic nuetral anyway :P

Now that I've seen virtually every alignment argued for Yahtzee, I'm beginning to think he was right about being CN, as that's a pretty common trait for that alignment.

[/nerd moment part two]

It's kind of funny that everyone whines about "all games being sequels", but at the same time most of people would love it if their favorite games got a sequel..

Say.. Beyond good & evil 2 or Psychonauts 2.. =)

"The moral of the story is..." to stop playing shitty games then. Look, i like your reviews and have watched them all as many of them are very funny (not this one), but although i agree with many of your points and like your style, your starting to seem more and more like a whiney crap gamer.

Many fighting games suck, yes, but not Street fighter series, nor sf4, and although i am a self confessed 360 fan(love)boy, Killzone 2 is also a very good game. Both of these you could easily have reviewed, and ripped the piss out of (justifiably) and made a hilarious video for, if you werent so bitter about being crap at games, but you chose a shitty game, which we all know is shitty, so wasnt even funny, cos were just like why the hell is this guy playing spiderman, and then actually talking about it.

P.s i really do find many of your videos funny :) Keep doing what your doing, but review something actually worthy of it.

yeah the web sling move does make you the yo yo of death

I lol at bum fucking and black suit beating up faggots etc..

and thanks to wikpedia I found out another game steve jay blum is in he plays Wolverine. They should have had Quinton Flynn do his voice just like in marvel Ultimate alliance


I'd love a swiss army knife with a minigun in it... That would help and hopefully it's going to be easy to carry.

yep, awesomeness squared!

Shadow Law:

Ok all in favor of attempting to store a minigun in their swiss army knife say Aye.

An excellent review that gave me a chuckle here and there as usual.

Aye, Aye captain. Why stop there though? Lets put a nuke in there for good measure.

A nuke? Now that's just being silly...

No a Chainsaw would be ten time more fun

Good Review. His reviews hit a slight down slope of cleverness and has since then been climbing back up to very entertaining.

Really Wolverine quizes you?
I always like the first Spider-man on PS. Didn't have a PS at the time of it's released but that didn't stop me from playing it. Beat it in one sitting at a Toys R' US. Also Pokemon Snap.

lol, i would so buy a swiss army knife with minigun

a swiss army knife set with a mini gun in it? fuck my steel tipped senbon I'm gotta find that swiss set.

nice review.

SG Xibalba:

I ROFL'd at the blackface comment. And at the risk of dipping my toes in the sucking vortex of meaningless internet debate, I had no problem with either that or the use of the word 'faggot'. (yeah, I laughed at that too)

Well, I guess that says a whole lot about you then really doesn't it.

There is a line, and there are a smattering of things in this review that are somewhat overstepping it - it's not just the use of the word 'faggot', it's the context of how it was used. But i'm guessing that went way over your head too.

You talk about missing the point, but you are the one who missed my point, ironically; or perhaps that was your exact intention. Rather than allow you to cling to your those assumptions which 'justify' your 'outrage' let me explain what I meant for you:

If there were a pattern of offensive behavior by anyone (not just Yahtzee, since I can see you reaching into your pocket to pull out the "hey you're just a fanboi defending the object of your affection" argument), then by all means people should address it. However, despite YOUR knee-jerk reaction to the word, it actually was used in an appropriate context- despite your worst-case interpretation, as BobIsOnlyBob points out above in post #179.

So, what- exactly- does that knee-jerk reaction and immediate condemnation of the single incidence of a word that YOU happen to find offensive get you? Well, to be blunt, nothing more than a tempest in a teapot, at least this time (thank god). What bothers me is that it could've been worse, and all because you felt you had the right to be the ultimate judge of someone else's intentions, and then took it even further, you felt you were justified to be the avatar of outrage against this 'heinous crime'.

Do you have the right to be offended? I never said you didn't. Hate speech is evil, it sucks, and it should be stopped. However, rushing to judgement is just as bad, and in many ways, telling Yahtzee not to use a word because you don't like it is essentially an attempt to engage in a form of censorship. If the person who originally complained had said "That was mean and you suck" I wouldn't have said a thing-- people get torqued out about the goofiest stuff sometimes, and this was at least a psuedo-legitimate reason for upset. (Unlike the standard fanboi 'U teh Suxxors becuz U don't lik <game x>'). But the moment that they asked Yahtzee to change his behavior to suit their own personal preferences, well, that's when you cross that particular line of Political Correctness, 'Right Think/Speak', etc. ad naseaum.

Ultimately, in my opinion, it's part of our personal responsibility as adults to not just blindly react like 2-year-olds (or other manifestations of pure id) to something we initially find off-putting or offensive, especially when it comes to media and art; most things in life are subject to personal interpretation and art is inherently so. It is not only possible but probable that the viewer does not know exactly what the author or creator's exact intent truly was for certain, and if you don't know for sure, how can you condemn them for it? The answer can not be anything other than "you can't" unless there has been a pattern of behavior to support the negative interpretation. That's just being a mature and rational adult. We realize that the world doesn't revolve around us, and that our perceptions and desires do not define reality. Well, unless your a solipsist, that is.

That is what I was trying to get at. And if you can't grasp that, I can't help you: I can't be any more explicit than that.

Oh, and respect to BobIsOnlyBob for a very lucid post that covers a couple of other very salient points.

lol loved the bit at the end with WoS having Watchmen ingame. (For those who do not know Watchmen is DC and that is Marvel's rival, so...)

Pretty good review overall feels like its missing....tit jokes.

i like the review as always but im suprised you didnt mention how spiderman tears wolverine in half in one of the cutscenes for the evil choice. you should do street fighter 4 next.

Very amusing as ever. I loved the bit about the combat.

Good, but... y'know, not so current. And your review is oddly congruent to this one from GameFAQs.

The spidey 2d never really attracted me.

I would love to see a Brutal Legend review though!

"Where certain parts of the game started bum fucking the processor" lmao

But what about Spidys voice?? Very bad.

I ahve to question if your emo. I mean seriously you talking about how bad your life is, and u sure use wrist cutting alot. You try to tell us something

I nearly laughed up my spleen at the part about the minigun.

I personally didn't mind the combat - it worked a bit better than it used to. However, I don't think I enjoyed the combat as much as I missed the web swinging. I also agree with Spider-man requiring less whine with his cheese, and more snark at the bad guys. "I can't dooooo it" pout pout bitch bitch.

Good, but... y'know, not so current. And your review is oddly congruent to this one from GameFAQs.

This review is baffling and impossible to understand, as a result of what appears to be backwoods slang talk.

I've played WoS multiple times and enjoyed it. True Spidey's voice was irritating at first but i got used to it and the combat is actually a ton of fun. It's nice to see Activision put out a Spider-man game NOT tied to a movie.

Overall, great review Yahtzee!

Wow, another completely unexpected review. And at least better than last week. And now I'm sure that last game in your tag team truly was Spiderman 2. Good joke about the websling attack :D

Nah he has to much of an attraction to his super-star tag team of Silent Hill 2 (a sequel, how could he?!), Portal and Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. He even has pictures of himself in bed with the Silent Hill 2 game box - apparently it's very pleasing but way too much information for me...

God dammit, I was drinking something when, "Fuck it lets just have a great big nerd off" and then I was no longer drinking it, I was spitting it all over my desk. Fuck you Yahtzee, you magnificent bastard.

I havnt played Web of Shadows as of yet but I do have the old Spider-man 2 "moive/the game" for ps2, and YES its still great even to today. Keep up the good work Yahtzee your awesome.

Best start ever. Immediately RAGEing.

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