Doomsday Arcade: Episode Five

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This is by far the most metal show on Escapist,

I loved the part where he grabbed the drum sticks and started playing that sick breakdown with zombies raising the rock on horns.

Best episode yet, keep em coming.

Also I think the episodes are better without mario in them.

i cant help but love this show. you guys arent the best actors, but it feels so earnest, like you love your material, and genuinely love the stuff you do. its infectious. good job, and you jokes a pretty damn good."that an errection?" "yep." ".....ahhhhhh."

LOL "So... is that an irection"


it was parodying doom 3 for the most part

I can't believe that people didn't know this was a parody of Doom...and that people didn't know that was the "Doom Guy" X_X Come on guys...I thought this was a video game website!

This series just keeps getting better and better. I wasn't completely sold on it by the second episode, but three, four, and five are all fantastic. Keep it up!

I had to register an account just to say how bloody great this entire series is! Your sense of humor is identical to mine, so I'm laughing my ass off all the way through.

BTW, anyone got a link to the version of the doom theme used in this ep? IT'S FREAKIN' AWESOME.

(Also I can't believe how many people didn't know this was Doom...YOU ARE HUGE! THAT MEANS YOU HAVE HUGE GUTS!!!!! RIP AND TEAR!! I lol'd at the "You're Radioactive! That can't be good!")

I look forward to each episode so much!

Seriously, this is some quality stuff. It has the Zero Punctuation quality in that you don't even have to play games to find a lot of it entertaining.

if they ran into the ladies toilets, how come there's a urinal?!?

anyway tho i still love show

I loled at the searching for hidden walls.

Anyone notice their Ladies seem to be able to use urinals?


Awesome SFX! This is has to be the best video series now...

Unforgotten Realms = 1st
There will be brawl = 2nd
Unskippable = 3rd
Doomsday = 4th
Escapist show = 5th
ZP = 6th
De-Rez = 7th

Unskippable = 1st
ZP = 2nd
De Rez = 3rd
Unforgotten Realms = 4th
Doomsday = 5th

But they're all brilliant

It says the stream can't be found D: I can't watch this

"so is that an eriction?"

super effective stall!
and its a good thing there aren't any green keys lol

Haha the last couple of lines were classic, as was "He'll never clear that slight obstacle." Nice work lads, I'm going to keep watching! :)

You know, I never played Doom and I still got the references and jokes. "He'll never clear that slight obstacle!" Cracked me up.
I have to say though... bit disappointed at the somewhat random toilet humour that clouded over what was otherwise one of the best episodes in the series (in my opinion, anyway.)

if they ran into the ladies toilets, how come there's a urinal?!?

I noticed that too. To be fair, a couple of guys filming inside a ladies' toilet isn't going to go down well.

I enjoy the show. I was wondering what the artist of the song you used for the drum part was.

...The FPS part.

I lol'd.

A lot...especially at the flashlight part. XD And I loved the faces too.

Awesome series, just hope I can catch up before the last episode comes out.

uh...why is there a urinal in the womens toilet?

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