Unforgotten Realms: Episode 23: Yo Dawg

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Episode 23: Yo Dawg

Our heroes encounter a pair of Kobolds, while Timmy the Evil hatches his next evil scheme, of evil.

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Nice Vid

Its evil!

Good vid

zomg I was kinda going meh at the whole episode but the last 30 seconds or so were absolutly hi-freakin-larious keep up the excellent work Rob

Oh I thought you guys weren't getting funny anymore. I guess thats what I get for doubting you guys.
Best parts: Yo-yo section where Gary understands it, and the "I want to cast a punch to Timmy's face."

Not your best but still funny.
Hopefully Petey will be back next episode, now that the Kobolds have the fish.

also... what happen whit Roamin? :(

The ending was epic... I kinda waited for somebody to kick Timmy's ass.

~I want to cast a punch to Timmy's face.~

dont mean to be racist but since gary understood the "yo dawg" language was he speaking black dwarf.
Also great episode as usaual!

Good reference to an internet fad...

My fav. parts other than the casting of flares has to be the actual"Rob and Mike" outside of the game stuff.

My god that tower is evillllll......mmm. Do i see the dragon Gushino back from the old UR. That would be epic, and maybe some fat loot. Great episode can't wait till the next. Glad its a weekly show now to.

The Xzibit reference was just awesome ;d

Also, epic ending is epic.

What the hell? Mike and Rob have never had trouble understanding Kobold before? Or am I wrong? Well at least Timmy the Evil is comprehensible now.

Loved the Yo dawg part and the end was great too.

I really feel that this season started a tad slow but is really going above and beyond even last season, great work Rob.

(who plays Gaary?)

Seems at least Rob has never had trouble speaking Kobold before. And it's about time someone punched Timmy in the face, haha.

Is there anywhere one can download/purchase the theme music?

LOL timmy im gonna count to four!...and i wanna cast a punch to timmys face... THAT WAS AWESOME

"I wanna cast a punch to Timmy's face" -- Epic.

Very nice addition to to the series. Although I was rather disappointed when Timmy used his normal voice instead of entering his character "Timmy the Evil". Those conversations with his evil voice are some of my favorites. Other than that, very funny. Those 16 hour runs will get you every time!

Wow... Timmy got munched.

What the hell? Mike and Rob have never had trouble understanding Kobold before?

I just assumed they were speaking common before.

Also, awesome video.

it was sed beafore that kobolds talked with the "kobold" exent.
that means it was only the esent but not the languge;now it was the languge.

Finally caught up, so its awesome that its out every week now. Come on Petey!

These people are all correct

Well by the looks of things, Peety should be comming back soon, the bodies will be intact and I'm also assuming James and his crew will take over those bodies for a hilarious encounter in the near future. Don't quote me on that but it all seems plausible to me.

No idea, it would be awsome. I'd set it to the loaded start music on my computer. I love the music so much.

Heh, my math teacher has a yo dawg picture in his room that I just noticed today... how strange

Anyway, great episode, keep up the good work and all that jazz. Good thing this was out or I would be stuck watching Doomsday arcade right now... eeeeew.

dont mean to be racist but since gary understood the "yo dawg" language was he speaking black dwarf.
Also great episode as usaual!

Actually, it was explained that he was speaking Druidic.

finally! its about god damn time that rob kicked Timmy's ass that dick wad was getting on my nerves! oh and GREAT show dude keep up the good work!

I loved seeing what Timmy really does during his "Timmy the Evil" games and I want his Professor Walrus plushy! Schmoopy seems to gradually be getting back to his old has-no-ablility-to-be-a-serious-role-player self again, which is good too. I can't wait for next week's episode as usual.


Loved the end scene with Rob and Timmy.

Is this it for Timmy the Evil?
Are we gonna see Petey again now that the Kobolds have the sea monster?
This episode gave me several chuckles, but nothing to top off the previous strong line of episodes. Also, I think Rob watches too much Pokemon. Also, I didn't get any references to the whole Dawg thing, if any.

nice one loved the last part also does anyone remember if the yoyo was a halfling weapon in forgotten realms? i kinda think i remember something like that and now its going to eat at me all day until i can find the answer.

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