Top 100 Pokemon - From 40 to 26

Top 100 Pokemon - From 40 to 26

The top 100 Pokemon, in reverse order. Today, we look at numbers 26-40.

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Squrtile- It was my starter in FireRed which I guess was about time (I used Bulbasaur in Red).

I had Ninetail as a secondary party in Diamond and she was great!

Infernape was my starter in Diamond and it was kinda decent.

Glaceon again another "eon" I should of tried using but I always get put off with their movesets (yes I know I can used Tms on them but I usually get confused on which moves to used on them).

Greninja was my starter on X and it was pretty great.

Tyrantrum is a BEAST when it come to physical attack. Sadley however I choose Aurorus (sail fossil was the first fossil I picked out of the two) over it (it's just a cutie and majestic looking). In saying so those two are the best fossil Pokemons of them all!

Metagross was also in my secondary party in Ruby and I used it in those three parties tournament in that game cos it was great to use!

I made a Soul Silver Nuzlocke challenge, and one of the most reliable Pokemon I caught was a Slowpoke (and evolved into Slowbro). With such decent HP and defense, he yawned enemies into sleep, healed itself by slacking off and headbutted (later zen headbutted) the enemies to death. And in case of need, with curse it increased defense and attack by lowering its speed even further...

Glaceon, Zoroark, and Ninetales got flat robbed by not placing in the top 20. If we're going on cuteness and usefulness here then Sylveon had better place in the top 5.

I think there's a bug on the site, squirtle's listed as #40 instead of #1. Don't worry, I'm sending the squirtle squad to fix it.


Chesnaught really? The idea is cool, but the design itself failed.

38# Slowpoke
Basically it and it's evolution are a joke from your description, so why in the world is it ranked so highly. I don't know maybe I'm being a bit slow on the uptake here.

...I'll see myself out.


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