Where Has My Aim Polygone?

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I was PC only player and pretty good CS and Quake 3 player before buying my first console (360). It took me about an hour to feel very confident with controller in FPS. Even if the dude was PC only guy forced to play FPS with the controller, he could've trained before doing the video, you know , treated his job with professionalism. Instead we got amateur half-hour bananza. Poly is either a sinking ship or they doing it on purpose because controversy = clicks.

Trust me - it's not about using a controller. I'm playing Doom on my PC and I prefer using a controller (gasp! Blasphemy!). I've been doing absolutely fine so far.

But holy crap, that video, man. That video....

I mean, they already pay the staff in peanuts, so might as well bring somebody in that already has a compatible savings plan.

Also, Jim's a low hanging fruit situation as he prefers the Warriors series from Koei, which unless you set it to the highest difficulty mode, doesn't actually pose any challenge (and even then it's just making numbers bigger and letting the AI cheat).

The thing is, though, is that he has EXPERIENCE with the types of games he likes to play, and that is the important part of hitting all the relevant points for readers.


Wait, how is the new doom more shallow than the original?

Health and ammo come to you instead of being hidden, the blaster has infinite ammo so you can never run out.

On the other hand, the suit and gun mods add scope to experiment in different ways to the old Dooms. So you lose a bit of depth in one aspect, you gain it somewhere else.

I think ammo coming out of enemies is a bit of a step back, it's fair enough as an anti frustration step but some levels of the old Doom specifically had too little ammo in them. You had to figure out how to beat the level without simply blasting everything, which could be somewhat (more) frantic and a change of pace. Maybe making general ammo (bullets, shells) come out of enemies and forcing you to hunt for heavy/plasma ammo would have been a better compromise.

On the other hand health coming out of melee killed enemies is genius. I liked it in Space Marine too since it encourages you to take risks instead of taking the fashionable hide in the corner approach. That's a good way to play a twitch shooter.

I figure this is quite a different experience as many areas are simply "kill them all" though, which explains the padding. It feels more like Metroid Prime to me, which isn't bad...but perhaps not DOOM enough for some. There are many, many works of art in the mods (wads) community though, so I figure, if people want a deeper experience in that vein, there's really no reason to rerelease something that already exists.

Wait, how is the new doom more shallow than the original?

I don't think it is. It's mechanically a lot more complex, and borrows heavily from later shooters.

Alt Fire modes are new. I don't remember if those got added to the series in Doom 3, but it means every weapon has three different versions in combat.

Upgrades are... kinda a plague on modern games. But, it does mean you have more potential approaches to a situation.

EDIT: I should probably add. Exploring your environment was always a natural element of Doom. Before that meant finding ammo and health. But, resources are so transient in Doom4, I kind of suspect the collectible system is there to make exploration feel more meaningful. A box of 16 shells and a cell pickup will be gone in the next fight, but an upgrade that lets you carry 10 more shells? That will stick with you.

The Rune system reminds me of Painkiller's tarot system. That might not be what they're referencing, but still, it means a lot more options in how you approach the game.

The platforming elements are new for Doom. At least in their current form.

The maps are far more complex than what the Doom2 engine could handle. Specifically the over and under elements. To be fair, in the original game would have broken its mazes up more horizontally, while Doom4 goes vertical.

The Glory Kill system might look like dumbing down, but it changes moment to moment combat allowing the player to actually engage in the arena, instead of picking off enemies at the edges. It does discourage a playstyle by incentivizing the intended approach, but, I'm not sure it's something that should be held against the game.

Pinkies and the Sentinels also force you to move amongst enemies, rather than just finding a comfortable pillar for cover. It's easy to point at that and say, "but, they're just copying other games," but the actual effect they have on gameplay is different. Usually shield guys are there to force flanking, here it's saying, "get into the fight."

The change from the chainsaw from a flat melee upgrade to a limited use "Fuck You" button is a fantastic change. It means you can eliminate an enemy you don't enjoy fighting, or get an instant ammo refill if you're getting desperate. Those two tension against each other nicely. And, off hand I can't think of any systems like that in the original games.

This is a very fluid and straightforward game. Most of the systems interact naturally with each other. It feels simple, but there is a lot going on, and a lot of it interacts with other systems. It is still about entering a room and murdering everything that looks at you funny, but that's what the classic Doom games were about. Doom4 is just embellishing and polishing that core.

Either the player is new to gaming, in which case he shouldn't be the one making the gameplay video,

or he's a PC gamer with no experience with console controls, in which case he should be playing on PC

or he's the perfect stereotype of a typical Polygon reviewer, and is just plain awful at video games, in which case he shouldn't be the one making the gameplay video.

A guy that doesn't know how to shift gears simply isn't capable of reviewing a manual sports car, and won't be able to fairly represent said car to the general public, his audience.

Likewise, any game reviewer should have a certain level of competence in the genre they are reviewing, or should pass off their work to those who ARE competent.

It's been about 12 years since I've tried to play a shooter with a gamepad, and unless I'm remembering wrong I've probably never played a full-on FPS with a gamepad since Goldeneye, and while I can laugh at this, I fear I wouldn't be that much better. I mean, I might know how to look up and down and around but without commentary I fear people would laugh at me as well, despite being a "hardcore" player who can rock a mouse and keyboard.

I thought it should be black-and-white, sped up, and put to old-timey piano music to complete the vaudeville experience.

I can give you the music

At least Polygon put up a decent review of the game. Unline a certain other site. I am not talking about IGN, I certainly am NOT !

Polygon? Literally who??? Exactly.

Bad Jim:

I thought it should be black-and-white, sped up, and put to old-timey piano music to complete the vaudeville experience.

I can give you the music

Watched for the first time today, and I can only conclude that the guy/gal they're recording is either:

A) Playing with a setup they've never used before, be it KB&M, controller, etc, Or
B) They have only ever played Stop & Pop-shooters, and have no experience with Run & Gun, Or
C) They have never played a video game before, period.

Honestly, that was so sad to watch, the only thing that was missing was Yakety Sax.

After viewing a few speed-run videos on the web, I've always wondered what the reception would be if I put a video of me playing a game up on the web.

Now I know.

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