Gotham, Knightless

Gotham, Knightless

With the third season of Gotham now begun, I'm loving it...and hoping that Batman never shows up.

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Totally agree; a great series from the start, only getting better each season!!! :D

I just recently finished season 2 on Netflix. I enjoyed season 1 but not enough where waiting for the second to hit Netflix was a big deal. Now though I'm gonna have to find a way to catch up on season 3 because 2 was just so strong. They really are creating an interesting world out of all these characters that aren't Batman. I can't help but root for Oswald at every turn.

I still feel for Nigma. As someone who's also socially awkward, it was rather biting to see how the people he was trying to help and connect to, always snubbed and ridiculed him, driving him towards more and more foolish acts.

It sounds like you might enjoy the comic book series GCPD: Gotham City Police Department. It's basically Batman without Batman. It shows the case that the police have to deal without The Caped Crusader.

Actually, there is a lot to choose from in the Batman universe that doesn't have Bruce Wayne. My favorite is Batwoman. She is a woman who was inspired by Batman to be a hero after getting discharged from the Army for being a lesbian. There is Nightwing. Dick Grayson is grownup and has moved on from being Robin. Also, Batman Inc. features characters around the world who are carrying the mantle of the Bat in their own country.

And I thought everyone here hated Gotham, knock on imaginary wood.

While I feel like Season 2 is the strongest so far for reasons previously outlined (Galavan was probably my favourite villain outside of Penguin), the creation of a cryogenic formula that can resurrect the dead with new personas feels like a major drama-killer. At least it sounds like they're putting that whole sci-fi mess aside for the time being, but we haven't caught much of what/who the main driving forces in Season 3 are going to be yet, and Jervis Tetch is getting old fast.

Maybe Butch will become Oswald's new rival? That's one character they've done well in building up, and one not originating from the comics.

Huh, maybe I should give this one another shot.

I didn't like the random episode I saw, I felt that the premise was basically "Batman villains, before they became interesting" and that the attempt to fit everything into somekind of HBO, Boardwalk Empire style series was getting kind of tiresome.

Update, started season 3 on Fox's app and I've watched up through episode 5 so far. I'm really enjoying Penguin's mayoral campaign arch and the things they're doing with him and Nigma. It's painful to watch Jim and Lee interact in the best way. So much romantic tension.

But really at the end of the day I just want Barbara in more scenes. She's just beautiful.

Not often I read anything positive about GOTHAM on the Internet, but here we are. And I agree, the show makes some of the most insane Batman villains look sympathetic and relatable. Galavan/St. Dumas/Azrael was compelling, but I found his sister kinda flat and uninteresting. I also like Bruce beginning his detective work trying to unravel the conspiracy against his family. What I'd like to know is which villains they can and can't have on the show, since quite a few Batman villains already appeared on past seasons of Arrow.

I like to think of Gotham as an alt-universe version of Batman.

Though honestly,

Huh, maybe I should give this one another shot.

I didn't like the random episode I saw, I felt that the premise was basically "Batman villains, before they became interesting" and that the attempt to fit everything into somekind of HBO, Boardwalk Empire style series was getting kind of tiresome.

More accurately, the premise is basically "everybody, before they became interesting, plus everybody has the IQ of a sea sponge in order to make every single episode plot work." Kid Bruce doesn't have anything that makes it even slightly believable he'll EVER be on the road to becoming Batman, he's a deeply mentally disturbed kid with no social skills whatsoever and nearly gets himself killed every week he shows up solely due to his own stupidity. Alfred is some old guy with no parenting ability whatsoever who thinks the way to win a fight is to let the other guy beat on him hoping the other guy gets tired before Alfred gets unconscious. Gordon falls into trap after trap and just stands there pointing gun at villains for about 9/10ths of his screentime while villain after villain jerks him around over and over. Gordon's love interests are either insane, total jerks, or both that exist solely to give Gordon someone to save most episodes. The GCPD isn't just corrupt and incompetent, they're so corrupt and incompetent in this iteration that they make the GCPD of every other version of Batman look like the best cops on the planet in comparison, with the entire precinct slaughtered a few times every season. Bullock is hilarious yet really no more useful to anything that happens than any other cop. Selina just pops into random scenes, never does anything of importance, and just acts like a stereotypical street brat.

The villains are really the only reason the show is even holding together. It's the over the top antics of the villains that make the show even remotely entertaining, and it's really just trying to ride off of shock value by pushing everything further and further. Even Batman at it's worst had the protagonists be interesting enough on their own to carry the work if needed, the villains weren't always the entire pillar on which each story built on. When I'd rather watch the villains burning the world than see the heroes stop them there's something really, really wrong.

The city of Gotham itself is easily the worst part, it makes every other version of the city seem like heaven in comparison. Everything just gets more and more vile with each passing episode while the protagonists efforts just keep sending themselves back to square one at best and make everything even more bad at worst. The city long since passed the point where a guy in a Bat costume couldn't even BEGIN to make anything better, in fact it's reached the point where it would be easier, more cost effective, safer for everyone, and far more effective for whatever the government in the Gotham universe is to simply firebomb the city to nothing and rebuild from the ashes. No good story makes everything so horrible that the viewer can't even bother to care what happens because it's all going to end up horribly anyway.

Even for a show based on a comic book Gotham is REALLY pushing it.


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