Unskippable: Run Like Hell

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Run Like Hell

In space, no one can hear you scream. On Earth, Graham and Paul can Run Like Hell.

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sweet, new episode

which topic is the real one?!

good video, btw.

edit: when i posted here, there were 3 identical topics

Monty Python quotes ftw!

I'll say it again, and seemingly will continue saying, nice work.

I'd say this was a strong episode. The highlight was:

"Gary, you're in the shot!"

"Oh, sorry."

"No, Not that way!"

Great episode I think my favorite part was "I want to find the guy that invented skin tight space suite and buy him a drink"

These are a great way to start a monday.

"Hello? Helloooo?"

What was up with that games cutscene. It was god awful!

"Gary, your in the shot!"
"Oh, sorry"
"No don't walk that way!"


was it just me or were her lady parts HUGE?

ok great episode guys, keep it up.

was it just me or were her lady parts HUGE?

And pointy. Wokka wokka.

Russ Pitts:

was it just me or were her lady parts HUGE?

And pointy. Wokka wokka.

Lady parts? Do you guys happen to mean breasts? A.K.A. boobs?

They were indeed some very broad shoulers.

"Did you see the captain's new boyfriend?"
"I know! He's so young!"

"I think they just ordered french fries in Klingon."

Another great entry guys!

"... It's purple."
That line got me.

It is me, or are these videos getting more and more obscure? Run Like Hell? Seriously? Maybe it's more fun to make fun of weird, obscure games, I don't know.

Great as always, barring the lack of a memorable stinger like "I'm watching you, moon" and the like.

"When did you have bacon" hahahaha Love it.

Good work on this one, Monty Python Humour always wins, although I was expecting some kind of "Run like hell...away from this game!" joke.

Also, did anyone else notice that broad shoulder lady seemed to have stiff nips in the goodbye kiss scene? Guess it must be chilly on a space station.

I want to find the guy that invented skin tight space suit, and buy him a drink


I was expecting another "Mike Patton as The Darkness" at the end.
Loved the "Gary, get out of the shot" part, ruled.

I want to find the guy that invented skin tight space suit, and buy him a drink

Also the part at the end of the credits "Run Like Hell - the only game that's title is also it's own safety instructions" left me in stitches

Neflach attack!

Favorite episode yet, actually. My favorite line was, "lance... lance, you're on... go."

That redhead looked like she was pretty cold. I guess those skintight space suits don't insulate very well.

"Can good and evil be confused? Yes... if you're stupid."
"Evil is always there; waiting, watching, dancing."

Lol, good times. This must be one of those throw away games from the first wave of PS2/Xbox games early 2000 era...

I still find it funny that the end credits say "Unskippable Theme Song". Because it really IS unskippable. Ho ho ho.

That one wasn't bad, though it didn't cause as much side-hurting laughter as several previous ones (notably, FFVII and whatever that medieval fantasy one was).

This one was meh to me. Except the Gary part.

Maybe because I was trying to hard just to see what the hell was on the screen? It was god awful dark! To the point where most screens seem almost completely black! With the shot of "Gary" walking out of the shot the wrong way for example. I was wondering who they called Gary, until Gary walked the wrong way (and resulted in the rest of the funny bits)

there's a GAME called run like hell? isnt that a pink floyd song?

Not bad, but not your best. Loved the "lens flare" and "light saber handle" jokes

EDIT: Oh, and Kling-on french fries =P

Yeah, not your best, but still enjoyable. Keep it up - I look forward to these videos every week.

I did enjoy the "No" response from the station though. That needs to happen in more games/movies. Preferably with no further explanation.

"Gary! You're in the shot!"
"Oh, sorry."
"No don't walk that way!"
It was mentioned a couple of times but I felt it deserved to be reiterated. Made me lol.
"Now, that seemed weird to me, but uh, this is the future so maybe that happens all the time."

Rare occasion where I haven't played, or even heard of the game covered this week. Nice work as always guys. Lemme know when you take the dude who invented the skin tight spacesuit out for that drink, I wanna tag along and at least shake his hand.

Great vid. Did it make anyone else want them to do Mass Effect next?

The Gary in the shot thing was perfectly executed! Brilliant!

"For those of you keeping score at home, there was a brief tutorial, but we skipped it."
*writes down the score* So let's see that's Dead Rising, The Getaway, and this one then, right? :)

It's a dream within a dream within a dream within a horrible game.

O feel sorry for these people having to play these horrible games.

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