8 Horror Movies that Would Make Great Games

8 Horror Movies that Would Make Great Games

Now that Friday the 13th has its own video game, it's time for these eight horror films to get the video game treatment.

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Wouldn't a Tremors game be like the Killer Croc bit in Arkham Asylum? :-)

Better idea: Tremors game, but you're Burt.

The challenge comes from only being able to carry a certain amount or types of weapons/ammo so you'd better have the right tool for the job.

1 - Everything thing that happened after the first movie I don't want to know about.

2 + Yes, but you're missing out on the part that could be multiplayer where the victims enter the basement and choose their death. Also maybe a mechanic that effects the technician negatively if "the virgin" doesn't die last.

3 - I'd rather have a game about (the first) Jeepers Creepers.

4 - I'd prefer You're Next. It could have a Clue mechanic where you tried to find out who hired the killers.

5 x Never seen any of those.... Now my You're Next idea seem unoriginal....

6 x I don't care for this movie franchise.... But I can't think of anything better.... Maybe Puppet Master.... Create your own puppet & go kill Nazis.... Still too weird for me.

7 x I feel bad that I never watched this film beyond a Simpson's Parody. I'd probably try it.

8 + Any game about a Nightmare World you have to go to when you sleep would be amazing. Why Bethesda hasn't figure this out with Elder Scrolls is beyond me.

Ummm...we already HAVE two Nightmare on Elm Street video games...


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