DragonCrack 8: Impressions

This holiday weekend, many people I know were gathered in cozy settings with friends and family, surrounded by the warmth and traditions of the season. Lounging around opened boxes and tattered gift wrap, cups of hot chocolate in hands, these people reminisced about holidays past. Elder eyes rimed with the crowsfeet of limitless merriment grinned onward as the youngest of generations exclaimed gleefully at the magic of the happy moment. All wonderful, homey and warm-fuzzly.

But I hit rank C in the Monster Arena.

One thing that bothers me is that it's called DragonQuest 8 when there were no DragonQuest 1 - 7 here in the US. It's like the movie Rambo III. Sure, it's the third Rambo movie, but the first one was First Blood and the second one was First Blood part 2: Rambo. So you could get Rambo II or First Blood 3 from that, but not Rambo III. That always bothered me. Same thing here.

I just picked DQ8 up last night, so I guess it doesn't bother me that much. I haven't finished the prequel to God of War 2, though, so I won't be jumping in for a while.


enough said. :P

Ohno. Do we REALLY want to start the "how game mechanics are not like real life" discussion?

Btw, I picked up DQ8 the other day and broke it out last night. As a result, I am tired today from staying up too late. In fact, I am looking forward to sitting in my PJs on Sunday, vaguely hungover, playing for hours on end.

Original Comment by: mari (aka, "dear")
It's a good thing I'm content to watch.

...and when I can't do that anymore, pick up my own hobbies. I've taught myself to knit, and as the ENDLESSLY repeating Dragon Crack 8 music is burned into my memory, I have something equally as mindnumbing and gratifying to do.

I still laugh everytime I see the "underpants dance".


She means the one in the game.

Original Comment by: mari
Dude, if you did anything called the "underpants dance" I'd be frightened.

Yes, I mean the one in the game... silly.


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