Zero Punctuation: 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

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2 minutes later, I'm still laughing. Saw it coming somewhat, but the delivery was great :D

yes this was genius. . really if any thing is racist its the game, playing off of north Americas fear and hate for people of middle eastern decent , like what a fucking coincidence that we are at war in the middle east and so many games being made are geared towards killing those people . so i say bravo yhatzee bravo meet racism with racism.

Real rappers don't need guns! They talk there enemies to death!

I have to say, if there's anything more annoying than political correctness, it's people on the internet whining about how political correctness is taking over and hurling accusations of PC fascism at anyone who suggests that maybe using a racial slur isn't the best idea.

I'm not accusing Yahtzee of being racist, mind you, but I've never gotten the sheer *outrage* over the suggestion that you can offend people unintentionally.

The subliminal messages and the ending definitely put this one at the top of my favorite ZP list. Great work as always.

Funny, but you'd think a rapper just nailed his mom the way he went on about rap music.

Dude that was some funny shit, but it always is. I know you don't need me to tell you that but what the hell, I live in a world where every thing I say is important and brilliant. And what a beautiful world that is.

Yahtzee doesn't like a lot of games so really he doesn't have to review anything. He mine as well take advantage of it.

Although I thought the last part to be a bit out of taste, I'm sure lovable old Yahtzee doesn't mean it at all. Another video that had me spit water out in laughter right when I was about to swallow it.

Fucking hilarious.

This has to be in the top 5, [proving] racism is still funny.

I love what he says about Blogs... Sounds like a creature that lives on the ocean floor.

Man, thats one of my favorite reviews of yours in a while, that was great :D

AAHAHA god the ending was hilarious.

wow, you are racist...

Did you not see the picture? :)

I can only imagine what Yahtzee could accomplish for rap if he, in fact, rapped.
I doubt that it would be impossible for the man. I mean, come on. He can alliterate to a boy-scout-knot tongue twisting degree. I think he can destroy straight up rapping (in the good way).

Wow...a 50 cent game that was meh! I'm so shocked. I personally don't care about Mr.Croshaw's racist/non racist status and i guess my sense of humor is off today as I didn't find the joke at the end as side-splitting funny as most of you seemed to. Maybe when GH:Metallica comes out, he can review it and give us boring commentary about how Rock n roll sucks now <Metallica hasn't been metal for years, get over it.> Then maybe we can have some really good digs at how white people suck and rape their siblings and we can all have a chuckle or two about that. Oh, I almost rock stars shoot heroin into their eyeballs while slapping passing grandmothers with their giant flying V [prick extension, since we all know how small they are down there] guitars, all the while having groundup baby heads fed into their asses with a garden hose made up of 100 dollar bills. Twats. Looking forward to next wed so i can actually watch a game review.

I just had to write something for this one, as I haven't laughed so goddamn hard in a while.

Cheers Yahtzee, I needed that.

I loved this review. The subliminal messages said I'm not racist about 5 times and then the ending goes "Not that they'd know anything about work the lazy nig..."


Funny review, but the subliminal photo gave me a headache, soooo Bad Yahtzee *gently taps with rolled up newspaper*

This renewed my faith in ZP!!!

Nice review and nice homage to Father Ted!

That episode is the best one, especially the part where he's at the window with the dirt on it and Chinese people see him making all the hand gestures which resemble Hitler! :D

This episode deserves an award. Most of his reviews have witty quips or amusing analogies, they made me grin or maybe chuckle a bit. But this one, this one single episode had such a hilarious ending it made me laugh out loud for quite a few minutes.

I mean, it was a cheap gag but still it was delivered perfectly.

This has decisively become my favorite episode to date.

other than his continually jabs at a game he has not played, I loved it.

If that ended any better I would fall out of my chair laughing

O MY GOD (not omg) that ending made me fly out of my chair

Hmm, I assume it's just more "not racist" subliminal messaging, but can anyone tell what the text scrolling across the screen starting at 1:05 is?

hmmm could have been alot more funnier if yahtzee didnt hold back methinks...last part was funny though LOL

Absolutely wonderful work, as usual. The ending was brilliant, I seriously hope no one actually gets offended by that.

Wow, what can I say other than this has to be one of the best ones recently. The ending alone was absolutely priceless.

Fuck you Yahtzee

Hilarious. Powerful return to form for the gloriously behatted one.

haha thats funny

you gotta listen to some GOOD rap though
50 cent is a piece of shit when it comes to rapping

Wow, it's pretty funny how you judge an entire group of people based on the fictional depiction of a single individual in a computer generated environment. It's supremely comical that everyone is quick to criticize 50 cent for a game that received the green light by white business executives. It's absolutely hilarious that the consumer base that keeps rap afloat in the first place is the middle class white demographic. It is truly side splitting that you all think referring to black people as the N-word is just a harmless joke when we all know it is a racial slur developed in an archaic time in American history. But it is quite sad that I actually told my friends about how funny you are and that I thought race wasn't and issue anymore and that I assumed you of all people wouldn't compare a previously die hard fan to a fucking 50 Cent video game. Congratulations Yahtzee you have successfully alienated a few more human beings from each other and turned a shitty video game into a reminder of the negative aspects of human nature.

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