Zero Punctuation: 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

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Oh Yahtzee, I hope you have donned your flame retardant suit, commenting on racial/social situations is always bad news. Nice subliminal picture there.

Though I must say, your ending leaves something, like the sentence needs to be fini

Oh bug off!First of all, Yahtzee doesnt respond to posts commenting on his videos, so you chances of talking to him on this site are about 1 in a jazillion,and, he usually doesnt give a fuck what we say, as every person who doesnt like ethnic commenting should.

Apparently it's distasteful to laugh hysterically on the bus.

...who knew?

Awesome vid.

lol at the random pic "not racist"

Great review but ending as has been said was awesome.

Lovely references to Father Ted and South Park!

My goodness! It's like he was saying what I was thinking when it comes to hip hop! Too hilarious!

As has been said already, loved the last sentence, but I also loved the social comments and the irony that's been so well highlighted.

I'm so glad that Yahtzee could further stereotypes about hip-hop so that people can continue to ignore the fact there is very good rap out there. Yes 50 Cent is perpetuating stereotypes and his music and lyricism are less than desirable but for all of Yahtzee's awareness about racial issues he fails to see this is only about 50% of rap.

Well obviously the view on rap was a bit ignorant and restricted to a particular brand of commercial material, but other than that, funny stuff.

Best in a long time, well done.

And apperently it wasnt even that bad :o

The very last line was a bit of a risk, but it made me laugh! Yahtzee's well & truly on form with this review.

(also not racist!)

"nig-" Classic.
Him insulting the politically correct was also great.

No, he never got the g in there. If I had to guess, in order to play it safe(if yahtzee has ever done such a thing), he probably used the word nihilist. But then again, I can't read minds.

A great video there Yahtzee. Wednesdays are always great days.

The Tingler:
Lovely references to Father Ted and South Park!

oh great! i thought it was just me thinking that lol

Yahtzee please stop beating on killzone in reviews of other games
but i have to admit last line was legendary

The end. Oh lord. So Unexpected and halario

nice very nice

The end was by far the best!
I'm getting the feeling that Yahtzee is trying to avoid KZ2.
I know he did a mini "review" in his last one but I believe that he's just avoiding a game he might actually like.
I could be wrong...

HA, man that was a good review, had me laughing quite a bit. Nice job.

On a side note review Madworld next, great game.

The end was the funniest thing on Zero Punctuation yet. I'm literally crying with laughter. Absolute genius.

Also, nice little touch putting Damien Hurst's skull in there. That's the first thing I thought of when I heard about this game.

Damn Yahtzee! I was rolling in the hilarity.

I'm really looking forward to your review of Resident Evil 5. Even though its a good game I can see your "Nothing has changed" video coming from miles away.

I'm also looking forward to Madworld, but I realize you Aussie's are getting the short end of the stick and have to wait a few extra weeks. But hey. America has to wait extra months for Fatal Frame 4.

Great video, but come on reviewing a 50 cent game really. It saddens me that there hasn't been a decent game released in a while, it's like game developers have just stopped trying.
The last game that I truly enjoyed was Penny arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness episodes 1 and 2. Yes a downloadable game is better then practically every release in the past six months. If any of you are a game designer for a major game company reading this hang your head in shame you worthless piece of human waste.

This is the first time Yahtzee has done something on the edge and off the cuff for a long time. Just when ZP was becoming standard and mundane, Yahtzee steps away from bashing Video games and instead makes a seocial political statement against political correctness with the perfect set up, delivery and punch.

I genuinely laughed and felt bad for doing so... thank you!

The last bit caused me to just roll on the floor laughing. Great job!

I loved the flashes of you in it too and agree that having to specify that you aren't racist is just insane.

The joke at the end was extremely predictable. What was so funny about it? It was more pointless than an episode of The Simpsons.

"I'm not racist, I'm not racist, I'm not racist!" *Gasp* 'twas a fake out. I never would've guessed.

It's nice to have something fun to look forward to every wednesday.
As always, he put a smile on my face.

Ah, good old fashioned non-racism that is mistakenly percieved as racism because you're talking about a black guy. The nostalgia. We love you Ben.

Wow, the escapist is getting pretty desperate with its adds.

Excellent vid, like the attempt to subconsciously remind us you're not racist ;) (see the inserted stills that flick across the screen at various points if you missed them somehow).

Ahhhh, that was good.

I would even go so far as to say 'Classic Yahtzee'.

I loved the first stuff, then it kinda went downhill a bit, but this is a shining gem, one of the funniest bits I've seen him do :D

Bravo :)

haha, best ZP in a long time :P

i generally lol'd out loud

another great vid

there'll be some fuss over the 'ni-' bit to be sure! great review though lol

Just who was the guy in the subliminal message pics?

That was the best ZP I've ever seen, The ending was incredible.

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