Game Music Broadcast

Straying away from what games do just right for a bit, but what kind of Videogame Music would you introduce to the world?

If say, you happen to hypothetically work as a campus DJ for a weekly 1-hour slot, and happen to be doing a segment talking about stuff related to games etc.

How do you pick out the tracks that both fit the theme, but also not be too alienating to the poor chaps accustomed to music about repeated beats and lyrics.

I'd say your best bet are remixes. You can find lots game music remixed into several distinct genres (from orchestral to dubstep). Your best bet is searching Youtube like "electronic game music", and check which fits the best.

Also the sound track of the Crypt Of The Necrodancer is pretty good on its own.

Well its getting close to Fall and October, so its Silent Hill time!

I agree that remixes are the best, 'cause most people won't instantly recognize it as video game music, and may be pleasantly surprised when they learn.

Hotline Miami comes to mind; most of its soundtrack is actually music from non-gaming artists.

Some of my favorites:


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