This site just declared its own userbase dead.

Yahtzee won't linger on a neogaf wannabee site. And then the escapist has nothing but a sad little disconnected echo chamber like all the rest who went down this sorry route.


I expect that people are going to go into a blind tantrum and validate every criticism this article has towards gamer culture.

It's basically inevitable. An archive link to an article on the main page of the same site this forum is on is a bit on the nose though.

EDIT: Still amazed at the number of people getting mad at "this stereotype isn't a real thing and we should avoid exemplifying it" as if it were some huge libel against the entire community.

In all seriousness, that's a NewClassic post. And no one cares what NewClassic thinks, especially since that's his first article in over a year and he's probably just trying to kick up some shit.
Just forget about him, like everyone else did.

> joined in 2016
> 33 posts
> link to archive
> "echo chamber"
> Yahtzee gunna leave then u be sorry!

Yeah, u mad af bruh. And you probably never cared about this site.

Zero discussion value, lock this noise the fuck up.

I remember reading the first couple of lines of the "Gamers are Dead" article on Kotaku, thought meh and clicked back. I thought it was some boring piece about how everyone plays video games, so the term gamer was meaningless.

Now, that I've read this, wow, it's written to make people angry. It's a rant. Moreover, they completely confused gamers with weaboos. They can't even get their stereotypes in order, for shame.

We earned those stereotypes, because we as gamers created them lol. I remember console gamers saying that PCs were for basement dwellers, and consoles were for 12 year olds with high pitched voices shouting every obscenity and racial slur imaginable. Mountain Dew and Doritos was about Geoff Keighley and marketing image. This MLG, "mum get the camera!" was partly about the sorry state of skill based shooters. We don't resist it, we ourselves have recognized these issues, we have spread these memes ourselves, because we hate ourselves and the gaming industry.

And thank goodness it was gamers, if it wasn't gamers saying those terrible stereotypes but people on the sidelines... can you imagine what these people are like? What a bunch of fucking pricks. I don't want any more of these terrible kinds of people playing video games, gaming is bad enough already.


Boy, this post is golden. I'm half tempted to accuse OP of being a bot, it's just so perfectly executed I'm doubting a mere mortal could produce such a thing.

Besides, Yahtzee's lingered here over waaaaay worse things than this article. Especially given he's like, the only person whose still being paid. Neogaf clone or not, he's gonna stick with the paychecks, don't'cha think?

And excuse you, the Escapist has always had it's sad little Echo Chamber. Well, technically two, but not enough people post in GID to make it an Echo Chamber these days.

I am aghast at the preponderance of dismissive attitudes pertaining to this most uncouth of editorials. Aghast I say! We have apologists and self flagellating pansies among god good sirs! Indubitable behaviour! Forever tarnished is my little box of cultured preconceptions. You are treasonous beyond saving sirs! To the gallows with ye I do declare!

There is already a place to post your comments on the article, please don't create duplicate threads.


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