Poll: Macs for Gaming?

I will touch here a topic that only a lazy one has not yet made a joke about. Even if you live in an Apple-dominated environment and all of your family members own Macs, when it comes to hardcore gaming, you will probably agree that PC is easily a winner. For many years, PCs dominated gaming, while Macs ignored this vital for many side of digital life. The variety of games made exclusively for PCs exceeds all expectations. The fast processors and spacious hard drives make them more popular, AND there is always an array of affordable models if you have to choose on a budget.

What Mac has to offer

At the same time, impressive graphics are a vital component of the powerful games. Mac is the one to deliver on that. Another important requirement is the decent amount of RAM, which Macs also provides. Do not forget the superior sound. Many games win their devotees with unique memorable soundtracks as much as with their gameplay. You will agree, music makes quite a job immersing you in the atmosphere - an epic, eerie, adventurous, or old-timey one. And the atmosphere is what we often hooked on in the games we love.

Today, more and more gamers tend to appreciate eye-candy games with high-quality visuals. The game developers bend over backwards to cater to this growing demand. I mean, just look at the Star Craft 2. Have you ever seen THAT amount of cut scenes? It seems that the devs couldn't decide whether they want to make a game or an action movie (and imho, to the great outcome). Whatever the case, the impressive visuals is something the definitely intended to create.

So, today when choosing a laptop for gaming we consider the following aspects while deciding how to play:

- Processor
- Graphics cards
- Quality sound
- Upgradability

High-end Macs have powerful processors. Mac Pro has recently made a switch from its usual processor to Intel. It suggests a great computational power that makes playing last longer. Graphics is what draws and holds your attention constantly. High-end graphics and sound cards can make your playing a remarkably satisfying experience. Macs definitely deliver on all of the points. Even if your hard drive is not particularly spacious, you can always clean it up with Mac cleaning software or simply throw away some movie files you know you are not going to watch, and squeeze in whatever you want to play.

But here comes the but...

The number of games that run natively on Mac is dolefully low. That is what I referred to in the beginning of this post.


Brigther future?

Of course, recent years have seen some improvement in this department, but still shopping for new games is a tantalizing experience for a Mac user. Even the greatest games do not always bother having a version for OS (I am looking at you, Fallout), let alone some indie titles.
Still, quite a number of epic stuff is available, such as Baldur's Gate, Minecraft, Civilization VI, or Starcraft II, Hearthstone and so on.

In addition, there are tools like WineBottler and CrossOver that make PC games possible to play on Mac. On top of all that, gaming with Mac is safe as its hardware is unified while PC hardware consists of different parts and may cause problems with compatibility.

In fact, I think that Mac was overlooked until recently by game devs because gamers and Mac users belonged to barely overlapping separate demographics. Well, the world is changing. Gaming gains popularity year after year, and average age of an avid gamer rises. I believe, that we will see more and more titles that come natively on Mac arriving soon. At least, I hope so.

Apple sure did a small step (a giant leap for the gaming world) with changes they introduced into High Sierra, improving graphics (with Metal 2) and speed. New upgade adds support for VR rendering and support for external GPUs, which were both ignored by Apple until lately. At least, it is a sign of Apple noticing desktop gamers that they ignored for decades. They sure tried capitalize on games, but they succeeded only in mobile.

Maybe now the game developers will stop ignoring Macs? Not unless the Apple will make it easier for them. Creating a full-fledged version of a game, with a different code only for a fraction of users is hardly worth the trouble.

Maybe this is the beginning of a new era for Mac gamers? Who knows, but the future definitely seems brighter for me now.

What do you think? Will Macs be now made with gamers in mind? Will developers take pains to create native macOS versions of their creations?

Only problem Macs have for gaming is that the ubiquitous nature of Windows basically makes Macs a console with regards for extra programming.

If marketed that way, I could see them making gains.

Boy, losing Halo really had a knock-on effect, didn't it.


There's a reason PC gamers don't 'do' Macs.

It's like buying a T-shirt with the Disney logo on it...it jacks up the price for no reason other than said logo.

I can build any Apple desktop for cheaper and just dual/triple boot it if there's one really random piece of software for it.

I've got a work macbook that I sometimes play games on at lunch or on trips.

Its graphics performance is really limited, and its game selection is limited, too.
Likewise, controller compatibility is limited.

I end up just playing 2D stuff on it.

Am I the only one that this comes across entirely as a paid advert to?

Am I the only one that this comes across entirely as a paid advert to?

Nah, I got that as well but more-so for the links. It might be entirely for the websites that are being linked to in order to generate additional traffic.

No, Mac is almost certainly never going to be the go to platform for PC gaming.

How to Macs perform in games when running Windows via bootcamp?

buying a Mac for gaming?
That's like buying a motorcycle because you don't like to get all wet in the rain when you travel.

The operating system is restrictive. Also, you have to pay a lot more for "gaming" parts. In other words, go to Apple's site and see how much more expensive it is to make a gaming Apple computer. The same parts would cost much, much less in a PC.

No, because pc games are not working MAC

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