Poll: Connecting a gamer headset to an XBox One

Cyber Monday approaches and I need an Xbox One gamer headset, cheap.

Am I getting this right?


That as long as my controller has the 3.5 jack, and mine does, and headset with a 3.5 CTIA connection gets plugged directly into the controller and that's it for 2.0 stereo sound and Mike?

I have a PS4 that needs both USB and Fiber for wireless but if I can get any headset with that connector and the only wire is between my head and the controller itself, sounds good to me.

Any advice and referrals you can provide on this is appreciated.


Too late! Got these from Amazon for $18. If they disappoint it isn't a big deal. ultimate ninja gd-40 gaming headset

Holy moly, these were only $14 at Amazon. Will work with my computer so I got them too.

I paid $100 for some wireless Corsairs in the past. They didn't last a year so I went cheap and got a $20 headset from Amazon. It will not die already so I can play with new toys!

image They sound only OK. It was a downgrade in sound quality from the Corsairs but, I got used to the difference.

Hope y'all have some great headsets yourselves.


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