Welcome to the newest forum at The Escapist: Game Industry Discussion

What is this place?

The Game Industry Discussion forum is exactly what it sounds like: a place to discuss things that are going on in the game industry that don't really fit into the regular Gaming Discussion forum.

We are currently starting up this forum on a trial basis. If it spirals out of control, we reserve the right to remove this forum without warning.

What sort of things should be posted here?

A few examples of things that might be discussed here:

- Anything related to the art, science, or business of games, rather than their enjoyment
- Layoffs at a game developer / publisher / press
- Public Relations errors or scandals at developers / publishers / press
- Anything that is industry-related but not specifically game-related

What are the rules here?

Our standard Code of Conduct applies, and we will be enforcing the Low Content rule fairly strictly here.

We encourage everyone to re-read the Code of Conduct before posting.

When I first saw this in the dropdown menu at the top I honestly thought this is another one of April Fool's thing trying to freak me out, though I am happy that wasn't the case.

It would be interesting to see what the different topics there would be here. Hopefully it's easier for the mods to keep track of everything GG related etc.

So I'm going to assume this is now a containment board for certain people?

Its not a bad idea but I'm afraid its going to just become an echo chamber / ghetto for certain topics, and no real discussion is had.

Why was this thread not locked? I know I locked this.

As a testament to me apparently not locking it, I shall let your comments stay.


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