Due to the nature of the topics discussed here, it is necessary for us to define some specific rules for these forums. While the standard Code of Conduct will still apply here, it is modified by the following amendments:

1. In order to allow for the exploration of diverse issues that naturally arises when controversial topics are brought up, we will be adopt a more relaxed stance towards moderation of off topic posts. This may result in more topic drift, but it will be up to the posters in a thread to keep it on topic.

2. If the OP of a thread requests that the thread be locked, we will lock it.

3. As always, arguing about moderation is not permitted here.

Additionally, if you see a thread that you disagree with or that you feel should not exist, we encourage you not to post in that thread unless you can do so in a civil manner. Likewise, if you see a post that you think has violated the Code of Conduct, we encourage you to report it, not to engage and inflame the situation.

Remember that if you find that another poster is ruining your enjoyment of the site, and/or simply do not wish to see their posts, you can use the Ignore function to make their posts vanish. You can find he Ignore function in your profile, or at this link.

Finally, please remember that these forums are for reasoned discussion, not partisan warfare. Being civil to each other will not only avoid moderation, it will also make for better discussions. Exchange ideas, not vitriol.

Thank you, and enjoy the forums!


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