NEW RULE: Hasty generalisation

Having had a look at this forum for a little while, and having had words with several forum members from both sides of the debate at this point, much of the passive-aggressive behaviour on display seems to arise from hasty generalisations. Someone will claim, for example, that they're being or have been doxxed. They won't name names but the statement that 'you guys doxxed me' is there for folks to take offence at. Or someone will claim, again in very general terms, that some nebulous many - or even an entire group - are shitting the bed, or the like. This becomes especially problematic when frequently the groups being spoken about are groups with which your fellows identify.

This is not conductive to civil conversation. As such, I've spoken to n0e and we're putting a rule in for this subforum:

Avoid hasty generalisation.

If you make some broad statement that a large group of people adopt a certain attitude, do a certain thing, you will be held responsible for the implications that people take from that generalisation. It's fine to say things about specific companies, specific people - provided that they're expressed civilly. It's fine to make claims that you can quantify as well. If you want to make a claim that X did Y, that's specific enough that it's possible to have a discussion about it and present evidence. But it's not fine to make broad statements about groups with which your fellows may well identify, containing thousands of people, on the back of a few instances and some hand-waving about 'many' or the like. That is not specific enough to support a reasonable discussion.

This rule will become effective 10am UTC 20/3/2016. I am stickying this thread for the time being to allow people reasonable notice beforehand.


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