IGN Announces Steam Sale Tomorrow 12-22


Steam holiday season sales start tomorrow.

Anything a must buy on your list?

Against my will, I'm interested in Just Cause 3, Doom and the new Deus Ex.


ooooooooooooooooooooo my wallet

i can feel it lighter already

Dank Souls 3, mothertruckers...that's about it for me. Maybe Doom.

Yep, Doom is $20. I'm getting it. And I'll drop $7 on the Doom 3 package. I think it has Doom 2. I hope the cheats work and it runs on my PC. Should be good for a nostalgia rush.

I'm holding off on Just Cause 3. I just re-watched reviews and it does sound meh.

I am super cheap this year. I picked up victor vran. It's a nice ARPG diablo.. maybe more borderlands like game. It's fun and short (this was a good selling point for me) It also has two player on one computer.

Ahhhh, it got me. Just Cause 3 and Doom. And over on Origin, got Titanfall 2. And Uncharted 4 for PS4.

I think the only major AAA titles of which I can think that I skipped are Overwatch and the latest COD.


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