GOG.com Brings Back Pinata Madness Sale Starting Today

GOG.com Brings Back Pinata Madness Sale Starting Today


You can get Deadlight: Director's Cut for free, and take a chance on getting plenty of other games for just $3 in a pinata.

GOG.com is running another sale, and this time around they've brought back Pinata Madness. There's plenty to like about this sale, especially if you're feeling lucky.

First up, from today through August 16 at 9 AM ET, you can head over to GOG.com and grab a free copy of Deadlight: Director's Cut. You can also find a number of titles on sale, including games like Darkest Dungeon and Pillars of Eternity for 60 percent off. But the big draw of this sale is the Pinatas, of course.

Here's how it works: A pinata will cost you three dollars. Once you've purchased it, you can head over to the Pinata hub to open your pinata. What could be inside? Well, GOG doesn't offer up the full list of games, but it does say that there are over 100 mystery games, and you could get "games like Pillars of Eternity, Shadow Warrior 2, Heroes of Might and Magic 5, Victor Vran, Saints Row 4 and more!"

You're guaranteed to get a game worth between $5.99 and $44.99, and the games are pulled from "a pool of hand-picked games," which includes no DLC, soundtracks, or other non-game content. Additionally, you cannot get a duplicate of a game you already own, unless you happen to own every single game that's in the pool. If that happens, you'll instead get a giftable copy of the game chosen for you that will never expire.

If you have more questions about pinatas, odds are that you'll find your answers in the Pinata Madness FAQ.

The Pinata Madness sale will end on August 21 at 6 PM ET, which means you have about a week to get your lucky pinata. You can find all the deals - and all the pinatas - over at GOG.com.


...No thanks. This...this is lootcrates. Fuck loot crates. GoG is usually pretty good, but this is stupid.

...No thanks. This...this is lootcrates. Fuck loot crates. GoG is usually pretty good, but this is stupid.

This isn't loot crates. Loot crates give you in game items which either unbalance the game by being pay-to-win or are pointlessly cosmetic.

This is a simple lucky dip. You're getting a thing that people justifiably pay money for; it's just a gamble which one you get and, as always, all GOG games can be downloaded an stored off-line forever and so you are getting an actual thing to keep.

Yes it's a gamble, but not everything that is a gamble is as pointless as loot crates.

I gave it a shot. I got Pillars of Eternity: Hero edition. A game I've not heard of, but seems to have gotten some pretty positive reviews. I'll probably give it a shot some day.

Got Bombshell, STALKER: Call of Pripyat and Anno 1701. Bombshell looks meh going by the reviews and I already have a physical copy of Call of Pripyat, but Anno 1701 looks pretty cool.

...No thanks. This...this is lootcrates. Fuck loot crates. GoG is usually pretty good, but this is stupid.

Int really is and no this isn't the worst thing GoG has done. That is still held by their insomniac sales..
Honestly I just checked it, picked up the freebie and looked at my wishlist. None of the 40 games on it discounted. Well. Maybe next time GoG.

Personally of the sale got telltale batman, telltale monkey island, and 3 other 17+ year old schlug. Its OK but it is what it is. Gambling , only every body wins something. Like McDonalds Monopoly with less diabetes and heart disease.

Even still. worst schlug at GOG is still completely superior to the best drek from steam

Just tried it out and I guess I'm not too disappointed.

The Age of Decadence, Shadow Warrior 2, and Man O' War seem worth the... $33 dollars I spent. Looking forward to trying those out.


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