2.5 Billion Xbox 360 Achievements Unlocked

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2.5 Billion Xbox 360 Achievements Unlocked


You think your Gamerscore is impressive? According to Microsoft, Xbox 360 owners have racked up a collective Gamerscore of 52 billion after unlocking a combined 2.5 billion Achievements.

...and that's only counting Xbox 360 units that are hooked up to Xbox Live. Microsoft Director of Product Management for the Xbox, Aaron Greenberg, told Gamasutra that the whopping two-and-a-half billion Achievements unlocked worked out to an average of approximately 150 Achievements per Xbox Live customer.

According to Greenberg, Microsoft originally co-opted the idea of Achievements from the casual space, where they appeared as a way to keep players returning to web portals - but it wasn't until they were implemented with the Xbox 360 that the idea of Achievements truly went mainstream. Greenberg says that as a tool to add stickiness to the console, the Achievement system has been a wild success: the Xbox 360's attach rate of eight games per system "is the highest, ever, for any platform."

Man, it sure would be nice to have an entire Escapist issue devoted to Achievements, wouldn't it? I mean, not like you should come back tomorrow, or anything...

In the meantime, why not play Achievement Unlocked?

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To be honest, my gamer score is low because I didn't have the wireless adaptor for the xbox until Gears of war 2 was released (it was half-price with the game), so alot of the achievements I got where on my internal profile.

Anywho, Achievement whores of the world, UNITE! You'll get 10 GP if you do (*quietly positions the crosshairs over the target site*)

I'm approaching 10000 G, I'm whoring it up during spring break, 10000 here I come!

Wow and my friend says IM an achievment whore. Just wow. And to think i contributed 8500 gamerscore to that.

Wow, My gamerscore is 20k.

I have to admit I am an achievement whore.

Hi my name is josh, I am an achievement whore.

With that many achievements, I'm quite interested in how many achievement points its actually possible to get...
I could work it out, but there would be effort everywhere...
The number of actual total cumulative gamerscore isn't quite as big as I thought it would be, to be honest...

and I also Contributed 1,077 achievements to this cause.

Um, Awesome?

Achivements are all sorts of brilliant from a marketing/Microsoft perspective. It doesn't hurt the game in anyways for gamers who don't care, and it encourages gamers to keep buying new games to rack up that gamerscore. Sony's trophies are arguably better for the gamer. It's platinum system encourages you to stick with a game, albeit possibly to a point where the game is no longer fun. This means gamers are buying/playing less games to whore it up because you get substantial bonus points for finishing a game's trophies, so its definitely stupider from a Sony perspective. No wonder who's in third place.

Question: Does my paltry GS count towards the total? I play on my roomates 360 but my profile isn't a Gold account.

Well, I think it's only counting gold members....but it could be silver members as well.

Either way, I've done my part to contribute to that number....

Wow. So many people feeling awesome for reaching arbitrary achievements. Is this what console-ing is all about?

I'd disable them on my 360 if I knew how. I'm not proud that I completed the "first level" of anything. Annoying.

Well, I think it's only counting gold members....but it could be silver members as well.

Either way, I've done my part to contribute to that number....

I don't see any difference between Gold and Silver accounts in handling Achievements on Live. I think both are counted in the above total... it's just that the Silver accounts aren't going to have too many of the online multiplayer Achievements, given that most games restrict play over Live to Gold accounts.

The example I know best is from Bungie; their stats aggregation on their site count Gold and Silver results equally, so long as the console is online at the time of play. (Achievements should be even easier on that, given that they can be unlocked off-line and then "scored" to a Live account the next time it logs in.)

-- Steve

My gamer score is 5015 =)

Oh noes! My "gamer score" is 0... however will I live?! I, err, wait...

I don't give a damn about achievements! I play games to, err, experience the games themselves, not their "achievements". So, with a "gamer score" of 0, am I a bad gamer, or am I not a gamer at all?

It appears so!

PS: I don't even have any software/hardware that runs anything with achievements. I'm doomed...
PS2: On a more serious note - I can't help imagining a not too distant future, in which some game that's utter crap but is loaded with achievements outsells good games.

I have 639 trophies on PS3.
So Im guessing I would have the same amount of acheivements on 360.

Yeah I like collecting them.

Wow, 52 billion, that is pretty damn impressive. I have contributed just under 20,000 points to the cause and I am a recovering achievement whore. It has been 3 months since i last played a game purely for achievements.

i got about 19000 GS man i'm sad....

Wow. just wow.

I really love achievements, but I believe the term achievement whore implies giving ur details out so other people can get them for you, so I'm not one of those. Whilst I can see why people think they're so lame, THEY'RE SO AWESOME! Its a two-way thing: you show your love for a game by completeing achievements, and the game developers continue to provide challenging but not screw-me impossible goals (kill 10 players in 10 seconds with a waterpistol on a Mythic map?).

I've got stuck on 13,000, I'm a total achievement whore though, lol

fast approaching 16000 here :P

i did my part :P

I would really care about this if you could actually use them for something instead of "Mine is bigger than yours" type scenario

... that's one BIG dickhat... Like, we're talkin' Ron Jeremy...

I feel bad that I have > 40,000 and people with 13,000 think they're achievement whores.

And about four of those are mine. :D

Its not surprising when you think some games have 99 separate achievements.


Well, I have mixed opinions about Achievements as I've said before.

My gamerscore is pretty humble around 9k, and that's because I have a ton of games, I have this bad habit of not finishing them. :P

I never understood the appeal in achievements, unless I can get something from these points, it doesn't seem worth it to go out of my way and waste my time on them.

I'm not gonna lie I am playing Achievement unlocked. I'm missing four and it's driving me insane.

I don't have a problem

woot woot

I helped contribute to that my achievement score is over 13K

woot woot

I helped contribute to that my achievement score is over 13K

NoMoreSanity on the forum has over 50k, so it isnt that impressive.

whats the point? Its not like you can buy a game or map pack with the points or anything...
seems pointless to me

I think achievements are a very shrewd idea by Microsoft, because they give people a reason to replay games, and I know people who never used to be bothered about completing things (like my brother) but now he goes out of his way to get all these points. He even bought Guitar Hero: Metallica just because he knew he'd be good enough at the game to get most of the achievements. I think it's a brilliant piece of thinking by Microsoft (for once) (sorry).

I've got 12000, and I'm not proud of it.


woot woot

I helped contribute to that my achievement score is over 13K

NoMoreSanity on the forum has over 50k, so it isnt that impressive.

well I'm not him

I'm proud of the achievements I have earned and hunted for. I am not a ahcievement whore I don't by games just for them.

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