Buy Your Very Own T-Virus Vial

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I promise that some mad fanboy will but that

Or you could just buy a replica for 49.99....

Google is a wonderful thing. :-)

........dude i bought one like this a few weeks ago.....FOR 100 DOLLERS i could make one of these in my sleep.

Hell, I could do it for under $30.

Just dug up this from my bookmarks:)

How to make it yourself:

Wait, $3800 for a broken glass vial! Despite the fact it's a movie prop, who would shell out that much cash for that?


I'll feed it, and pet it, and love it forever:D

That's a lotta cash for a lotta crap

Near four grand for a broken prop from a shitty flick? I don't think even Richard Gariott would buy this for his wide, varied and downright strange collection.

If I ever actually could afford to buy this without denting my savings much, then I vow from now that in the event that I have decided to buy it (or any such thing), I will stop at the last moment & spend all the money I was about to waste on people who need it.

*Facepalm* It's broken for god's shakes, why would anyone shell out about four grand for it? As stated above, a fanmade version will come out soon enough and it'll be ten times better than this and much cheaper too.

The Shade:
*goes to make an offer on eBay*

How can you not want that?

With ease...

I was looking for prices in threads on the RE virus vials and trying to compare to what resident evil vials I recently bought after looking around for a few weeks and the lowest price I found was at
They have all six of the viruses game or movie based and last week they came out with the orange C virus.
As far as prices on they're site you can get em for $50.00 and there's a lady who buys a bunch of they're vials and re sells them with no shipping charge for $50.00.
I bought the case recently from Kentucky special fx that has six vials in it for $300.00 shipped and im quite happy.
I'm just trying to figure out how to get the new virus to fit in the older case though.
Just wanted to pass along the deal to fellow gamers and fans out there.

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