Punch-Out!! Boxer Accused of Uttering Islamic Phrase

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Punch-Out!! Boxer Accused of Uttering Islamic Phrase

Another day, another videogame character accused of shouting pro-Islamic phrases: This time it's Punch-Out!! boxer Bald Bull, who according to one observer says "Allah Akbar" while trading leather in the ring.

Remember back in January when Indiana mom Rachel Jones heard the Nintendo DS game Baby Pals say, "Islam is the light?" It's happened again and the offending title this time around is the recently-released Nintendo Wii title Punch-Out!!, which according to self-styled conservative pundit and long-time gamer Del Riley features a Turkish character named Bald Bull who utters the phrase "Allah Akbar."

"Allah Akbar," which is typically translated as "God is great," is used by Muslims in a variety of situations but has become most notorious as the battle cry of terrorists and suicide bombers. This makes it problematic, Riley claimed on his YouTube channel, because despite its other connotations, "we can't forget that this phrase is fiercely inflected before murderous animals do things like" the September 11 bombings of the World Trade Center.

"Not even eight years after 9/11, are we going to accept this phrase in a videogame rated 'E' for Everyone?" he said. "What do the families of [the victims of] these heinous crimes think of this? Is this good for our children?"

But does Bald Bull actually speak the phrase at all? Riley's YouTube replay of the sequence in question, available around the 2:10 mark if you're not interested in watching the whole thing, is debatable at best. Much like the burbling in Baby Pals, what you hear is largely a question of what you want to hear. With Riley's guidance I can pick up the barest outlines of the phrase; without it, I'm sure I'd hear nothing more than the angry shouting of a huge Turkish dude who can't lay a glove on me.

via: GamePolitics


Oh blah blah blah post 9/11 world blah. There are games that feature NAZIS.

Oh god some people just don't know when to move on. You don't forget what happened but you don't use a tragedy to complain about everything relating to terrorism and saying things like "Think about 9/11 forshame".

Jesus christ. Let people play enjoy the god damn game.

Allah Akbar? It's a trap! XD

Oy, gott...

Yet more paranoid people with too much time on their hands and the ability to hear something where there is nothing.

You know this is why i sometimes deeply dislike the rest of this country. Who cares its just a video game, its just one phrase, and its not terrorist conditioning video. People want to strike any remotely controversial thing from their childrens lives just because you dont want to take 5 minutes to talk to your shitty kid like a parent.

Allah Akbar? It's a trap! XD

This. Clearly the boxer is really saying "Admiral Ackbar"

EDIT: Having watched the video, I'd never have thought it sounded anything like "Allah Akbar" if he hadn't said anything, so I honestly doubt he's saying that. Besides, the only reason this is a problem is because it's Islam. If what he were saying was something Jewish or Catholic, he wouldn't be complaining.

It's saddening how stupid some people can be and how much media attention they can get anyway...


Look, just because these terrorists are perverting a saying that literally translates into "God is great" does NOT mean everyone who utters the phrase is a terrorist. I mean, if I was to run around and say "Jesus was incredible" in a church or "Abraham was amazing" in a synogouge (however it's spelled, sorry) would you think I was a terrorist? No. But if I say something to the same effect in Islam, that means you're a terrorist?



Allah Akbar? It's a trap! XD

This. Clearly the boxer is really saying "Admiral Ackbar"

Which only raises further questions.

Before I read this thread/article, I was watching someone play the new Punch-Out and I heard it. The "Akbar" part wasn't clear, but I heard the "Allah" part clear as day. If I remember the original game, Bald Bull was originally from Istanbul Turkey where I'd imagine some sort of Muslim faith is.

I thought about the LittleBigPlanet nonsense from it's release and was wondering if someone was going to make a big deal about it. I guess I was right.

Um...He's Turkish.


So what if he does? This game is openly racist against one and all, so why look for hidden stuff if being a bitch is all you've set out to do anyway?

These people really need to mellow out. You shouldn't get all uppity over incidents like this. You can't even tell what he is saying. Also, IT'S A FREAKING VIDEO GAME!

Holy crap. It all makes sense now! Through boxing I can destroy the pig infidel americans!

Seriously, Just get your few minutes of fame the old fashioned way: Be useful.

Oh blah blah blah post 9/11 world blah. There are games that feature NAZIS.

Fucking seriously.
"murderous animals?"
Well, someone has their panties in a bunch.



Allah Akbar? It's a trap! XD

This. Clearly the boxer is really saying "Admiral Ackbar"

Which only raises further questions.

He realizes he's trapped in the ring and about to get his ass kicked?

Honestly, this entire thing is just stupid.
Anyone who is converted to Islam because a toy says a few Islamic phrases is fucking retarded in the first place, and not fit to join the human race, lest they be convinced the moon really is made of cheese.

And if that isn't the concern, what is?
That kids playing a game might hear a bit of foreign?
Oh noes. Culture.

Honestly, I don't see what the big deal is. Everyone knows "Islam is delight." My Nintendo babies told me so. :P

Hold up a second... People are in a tiff over pro-religious phrases being uttered in a game where you can PUNCH the person saying them? Where's the problem? They need to expand this idea and make it great... Have Punch-Out characters that recite bible-belt hellfire and damnation as I rearrange their face. Give me a Punch-Out Chris Crocker to smack the shit out of while he screams "Leave Britney alone! I'm serious!". And of course, special guest appearance of RepubliTard poster boy Dick Cheney, who mumbles incoherently and spouts off conservative bullshit. Careful though, Cheney has a mean right hook, and is known for face shots.

Oh boo-fucking-hoo! Get the fuck over it! You can say what the fuck you want to atheists but we don't give a shit or take offense. What if we did take offense if you discriminated Big Bang theory? The world will have been destroyed! As Yahtzee said you should only worry about this crap if there's genuine hatred behind it, and there isn't. Just fuck off and leave us alone!

His ignorance offends me.

OMG a islamic man is saying a islamic phrase AHHHHHHHHH quick call the FBI.

All I can say, is, "Fookin' conservative yank peasants and their fookin' racist terrors." Yes, the big bad Muslims are hiding under your beds and will eat your babies unless you say your prayers and salute the flag. Jeeze, it's back to the 16th century for these guys, isn't it? Next they'll be bleeding the bad humours out of each other, and be covered by their HMOs for doing so.

Sometimes I think these folks are going out of their way to prove bin Ladin right.

-- Steve

i got al eh ah beh from that phrase

This guy seriously needs more or possibly fewer hobbies.

right wing dribble...get over it

Wow, he seriously fucked this one up. The proper phonetic translation of the takbir is "Allāhu akbar." There's a very distinct difference in pronunciation between "Allāhu" and "Allah". I certainly didn't hear the "u" syllable after "-ah," although I doubtfully would've heard anything more than gibberish w/o his guidance. Secondly, the takbir has multiple (and widespread) uses in Islamic culture, and might be considered roughly equivalent to the Christian "Hallelujah." We don't get jumpy when somebody yells "Hallelujah" in the streets, but it's roughly equivalent to the takbir. Now, here's my favorite part, because it shows what an utter moron this guy is. Just moments into discussing the origins of the phrase, he mentions how Turkish people speak Turkish and acknowledges that it may counter his claim. But it really doesn't. Firstly, Arabic is the holy language of Islam, so even Turkish Muslims speak it. Secondly, whatever insidious force is at work, inserting these "horrible" messages of Islam (like praising god is the end of the world) into child's playthings, could easily have just ignored the Turkish origin of their character and inserted the phrase.

The coup de grace in this video was his first showing 9/11 footage and then invoking the feelings of the families of the victims of the 9/11 attacks. Because it showed what a douchebag this guy really is.

Wont someone please think of the children!?

No but seriously, i hope this guy chokes himself with the american flag, that way the world would be a much better...and less racist place.

It disgusts me that some people seem to think Islam and Terrorism are one and the same. It's even worse than the whole Communism being evil and equating to Totalitarianism and Fascism that you hear right wing extremists saying in the US.

OK, being the only Turkish member here on the escapist, I must point out some things.

1: Turks don't say "Allah Akbar." Hell, most middle easterners don't say that. Its just some term that is sometimes used by Muslim terrorist.

2: Turks are not the terrorist, we didn't commit 9/11. Were actually fighting terrorist too (remember Turkey invading Iraq.)

3: Turks don't hate the US, Turks love American culture. Dont start saying things that might offend my background.

right wing dribble...get over it

It's not even right wing. It is the paranoia and fear that people like him have where they now feel like they have to "fight terrorism" at home when they aren't actually fighting anything but instead causing the destruction of the country they love.

Also Mr.Prayer thank you for providing some context to this topic.

Also in the news, a Cheeto was found in the form of Jesus Christ.

This is not news. This is sensationalism to stir up the community of gamers, who are notoriously defensive to the slightest provocation regarding their favorite hobby. In other words, this is the perfect forum post.

If anything it's Ahh AAH, agh bwuh. not Allah Akbar. Besides you really dont pronounce allah akbar like that..

To you, Mr. Videogame lover, I had a jillion ebay feedbacks so I'm a good guy blah blah blah:

It's just random guttural grunty noise that anyone exerting any sort of physical force would be likely to make.

Even if Bald Bull IS saying "Allah Ackbar" (which he clearly is not), WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?

Please keep your politics away from my video games.

Note: I also find it funny that the ESRB label he put up in the video was the "Your Mom" joke version.

So Bald Bull is a terrorist. So what? You're beating the crap out of him right? If its reall that big of a deal, don't play the game, simple as that.

Because an Islamic Character who mentions his god is a terrible thing.

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