Immortalize Your World of Warcraft Pet

Immortalize Your World of Warcraft Pet


Apparently replicating World of Warcraft avatars just wasn't enough for the FigurePrints people, as the firm has launched a limited edition run of complementary "FigurePets."

As the name suggests, FigurePets are real-world iterations of World of Warcraft's non-combat companions. The line does not currently feature all of the non-combat pets currently roaming the woodlands of Azeroth, but the official website clearly shows Speedy The Turtle, a Clockwork RocketBot and Stinker The Skunk.

As with the larger FigurePrints -- a line of figurines custom made to resemble the character you play in World of Warcraft -- FigurePets are aimed squarely at the truly hardcore WoW fan. Individually each of the figures will set you back $30, but when all three are purchased as part of the Series 1 Full Set, the grand total comes to $75.

Though no future plans have been revealed, it seems almost guaranteed that a different group of virtual pets will get the reality treatment as part of Series 2.

No word on which cuddly critters will be making the cut, but I've got my fingers crossed for a Smolderweb Hatchling. My rogue just doesn't look right without his evil lil' buddy.

(Image courtesy FigurePrints)


If two people with two rocket bots cross paths...will the rocket bots fight?

Aw. My Paladin has no pet, can we have FigureMounts next, please?

more money leaching stuff from WOW...meh, i dont really care about WOW, but it sounds cool to have your pet as a figurine... if you are into figurines

i kind of like to buy "especial eddition" games just for the figurines hehe

This would be cooler if there was an ability to actually name non-combat pets, otherwise, a bit too generic for the price.

with the amount of people who glorify wow, this company is not going to have any issues staying afloat in this market.

Does WoW need another license to print money?

If two people with two rocket bots cross paths...will the rocket bots fight?

They used to, back when they first gave them out in xmas of 07. But now they don't anymore :(

lol priests would just bubble theirs all the time so it would never die

Aww bet the baby blizzard bear looks cyuuuuuute

Does WoW need another license to print money?

Their old one is expiring.

They not Nintendo. : (


I want 'em all. where do I get them? Squee!!!

There's only one way to say this:


Meh, come back when you can get combat pets. I might actually get my Warlock if she could have a Felguard to go with her...

One of the few things I miss from my WoW-account is Willy.

I mean, he blasts critters and is darn cute, what else do you want? One Eye'd Willy rocks!

Hehehehe. i love my elephant :P

Please spend your money on completely useless crap so we can get richer off your totally pointless need for figurine obsessions.

This is what I see here. If you have them in game, why the fuck would you want them in your room. It's even less interesting as a toy than as a virtual toy.


Now if only they did Fallout 3 pets...

If two people with two rocket bots cross paths...will the rocket bots fight?

Yes they both send rockets at each other

1 - How big are these? At $30, they'd better not be some damn HeroClix-sized thing.

2 - Interest rises in this if they start making the exclusive pets such as the Zergling, or the murlock in marine armor.


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