WoW Player Threatens to Hijack Plane

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*Double Facepalm*

Wow, where do they get these guys? (Oops, sort of answered my own question) But more importantly, did the FBI think there was an overlap between people who play MMOs and terrorists? I mean, if I were to say I'm part of the Real IRA on here, would you expect the police to break into my house?

Is that how they think terrorists work? They're just gonna tell everyone they're gonna blow up a plane or something? That they tell the airport security they've got explosives in their shoes? (How does a shoe bomber walk? F**king carefully, that's how)

I just grew a fucking third arm to facepalm three times.

Srsly... this is stupid on so many levels. And I'm NOT talking about the kid.

What the hell you guys, everyone has said stupid things - dare I say that I bet most people have even "threatened" to kill friends/parents in outbreaks of anger in their youth... How would it look if the police came doing a fully blown investigation each time something like that happened?

Saying idiotic things may be... well... idiotic, but it's a basic fucking right to do so without having to worry about having your house stormed by the authorities.

With that being said apparantly even the FBI does idiotic things - as in this case. Problem is, saying something like this is okay and that the kid is to blame just puts us one step closer to saying -"well, hey he said he didn't like the way our country is being run, it's his own fault big bro' has him in detention".

Freedom of speech has never been as compromised as it is in these times, way to go encouraging authorative behaviour like this. Hope your grandkids enjoy the dictatorship.


PS. Of course the kid was just blowing his own horns... Besides, "terrorists" who talk about what they are going to do on WoW are not the kind we should either worry about or devote resources to. imaging the time, paperwork and people involved in, for this silly incident, detecting, discussing, dispatching, apprehending and confiscating. If you seriously can't imagine a better use of this time, not to mention the tax payers money associated with it, you've got fucking braindamage. It all goes a long way to proving that the whole thing has gotten blown WAAAY out of proportions. When theres nothing to do, arrest innocent kids to warrant your paycheck. Happy daes! Woo

this is why i dont play mmorpgs (with the exception of guild wars occaisionally), they're magnets for posers and idiots like this bloke.

Not the first time this has happened. A kid on Newgrounds claimed that he was going to burn down his school. He was reported to the police. The police apprehended him with a gasoline canister... at school.

This example is a little more cut and dry then this WOW situation though.

The FBI SHOULD run an investigation and I hope that they find him to be innocent. Allow me to explain. If he is NOT innocent, that means that humans have equally great potential for brilliance and UTTER stupidity. If he IS innocent, it just means that there is someone out there who is a proper ass, and deserves to have his fingers broken.

As it is, I suspect that he DID do this, quite possibly as an ill-conceived joke. He will receive some form of punishment and life will go on for all of us. I will remark, as an aside, that this situation falls into the same category that I sort teenage girls posting dirty pictures on the internet. It is juvenile [literally], and your mother must be SO proud of you.

Good god. Anyone here still has faith in humanity?

I lost faith in humanity when "Bill Nye the Science Guy" went off the air. (I loved that show)

Man what a tool, my faith in humanity is depleting.

stupid moron, true terrorists are trying to keep quiet like me he, he, he

That guy must be feeling pretty stupid right now. I blame video games!

Everyone blames videogames.
I'm blaming white bread, he probably ate that before, that's what's making him evil.

Yeah, I'd love to say "WoW player, eh? Figures." But I won't.


there needs to be a better word for stupidity like this.

This is not a fault with video games, this is the fault that the average teenage boy is a complete and utter moron on an epic scale, and his IQ goes down by 5 points for every dirty thought he has. But I love the fact he said 'someone' had hacked his account, cause that's what terrorist organizations do, they hunt down people's WoW accounts to hack so they won't get in trouble and then they laugh maniaclly while the poor slub protests his inoccent while being shipped of to Guantanamo.

Oh wait. No it's not. XD

Baby Tea:

Oddly enough, only the second stupidest/funniest thing I've heard in game. GM once said that Blizz cared about the gamers... heh.

Oh please. Jaded fanboy, eh?

Well, let's see the facts: Blizzard is a company; companies love money; gamers are not money. Thereby proving that Blizz caring about gamers is a joke. And I'm not a fanboy unless I buy their merch. Which I don't. Not while sober.

The United States is a country where a suspect is considered innocent until proven guilty. This is the worst kind of sensationalist journalism, and it's why online publications will never be respected sources of news and information.

"The teen quickly backpedaled, claiming that someone had hacked his account, but that didn't stop the FBI from seizing his computer to investigate the incident further."

Seriously? Get real.

Everyone seems to assume it was actually the player responsible.

I've seen people do things like that on another person's account, attempting to get them permabanned. That was probably the case here, though I doubt they were aiming for FBI attention.

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