PopCap Announces Bookworm Adventures 2

PopCap Announces Bookworm Adventures 2


PopCap continues to deal out the casual gaming crack next month with Bookworm Adventures 2, the sequel to their popular word-game-meets-RPG.

Not content with their already well-entrenched monopoly on your productivity and free time, PopCap today announced that they'll be releasing another potential addiction in the form of Bookworm Adventures 2, the sequel to their successful Boggle-meets-RPG lite starring a four-eyed (in the metaphorical sense) worm named Lex who tracks through literary fantasy worlds doing turn-based battle with enemies by, uh, coming up with words.

"Bookworm Adventures Volume 2 exceeds its predecessor both in wordy fun and goofy puns," said Tysen Henderson of PopCap. "From the crazy book themes and brand-new game play to the powerful new 'companions' who join Lex on his adventure, Bookworm Adventures Vol. 2 takes the original word-game-with-light-role-playing-game play and runs in some exciting, funny new directions."

For the sequel PopCap is adding three new worlds with ten chapters each, a never-ending Replay mode for the folks who never want their word slanging action to end, new minigames, items, literary figures who will assist Lex in battle, achievements and more. The new areas are based on fairy tales, "astounding planets" and "The Monkey King," which I'm guessing refers to beloved Chinese fable Journey to the West.

If you've never given Bookworm Adventures a shot, PopCap has a demo up for the first game. It's not as immediately addictive or as much a feast for the senses as Peggle or Bejeweled, but if you like Boggle or Text Twist you'll probably have a hard time tearing yourself away after a few minutes. Gotta flex those vocab muscles. The ladies love it.

Bookworm Adventures 2 will debut on PC on August 15, with the Mac version to follow later.


Wait.....why should anyone care?

Good God! This is fantastic news. Bookworm Adventures is the sort of thing I would rescue from a burning building (not that that would really necessary, it being a digital construct, but you get my gist).


The first came was so addictive it was scary.

Is this like one of those free flash games you can play on MSN? I was addicted to those for a long time.

Don't PopCap already supply us with our daily crack/cocaine/heroin/robotussin fix as is? You keep thinking 'Nope, I'm already as addicted as I can possibly be!', and then they come out with another game! And yet, like any good addict coming back to the dealer, I can't wait to see what new and exciting substances he'll let me sample today...

YAY im so looking forward to this!!!!


I say! My vocabulary is quite exquisit! I don't need some profound childs play to prove my magnificence. I call shenanigans!


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