Marc Ecko Creates the World's Ugliest Halo T-Shirts

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I'm sick just by looking at these.

It is as if the colors and halo images were assaulting your eyes.

"Looks like Bungie vomited on your shirt." I'll say that to anyone I see wearing that monstrosity. Honestly though it's just way to busy and unoriginal. Looks like somebody just doctored ripped apart a lot of screen shots.

I've seen worse but this guy should have not been paid for these.

I don't have any game shirts, I don't think they make 3XL fat people shirts. Then again I don't pre-order or whatever you have to to get them anyways, if I knew I probably would but no one ever tells me.

Yuck-I would not get one even if they were free and came with a puppy.

Aww cmon, now all the free puppies have to be put down because of the ugly shirts!

WTF I Could make a better shirt than that, a fucking sugared up 12 year old could make a better shirt than that.

Hey, I didnt come here to be insulted
*seizure from sugar overload*

The white one on the right isn't that bad, not as though I would wear it. The shirts aren't as bad as Malygris makes them out to be, but they are pretty damn gawdy.

It may look bad to you, but if you see half of the things teens wear these days, and it would look perfectly acceptable.

true, maybe more teens would buy it if it had a fake jewel-encrusted "G-Unit" on the side.

Well that is rather terrible isn't it.

I really like Halo...those things are just insulting really. Ugh, I think I threw up a little in my mouth.

I have absolutely no fashion sense. Dressing up for me generally consists of a solid color shirt with buttons. And these T Shirts...Even I think they are an eyesore. Whatever happened to understated?

I hate to milk the, "I know damn well everyone here likes Valve" wagon for all its worth, but perhaps we should compare these shirts with the Valve store shirts

I'm noticing a severe discrepancy they should address, cause Valve stuff is a lot better.

This ghetto fabric vomit stuff was popular in my area last year. Thank god its reached critical mass and is dying out.

So this has never come up for me before, but how do I upload images? Because I think I'm going to show how these shirts can be made much better, and my goal is to make them infinitely better with under half an hours work, only useing MS Paint, and my absolutely non-existent art skills.

Edit: Since I don't know how to upload images, here's a link to my attempt to take these shirts and make them at least vaguely wearable. Again, MS Paint, a few minutes, and no art skills whatsoever.

The more important question is, who is Mark Ecko, and why should we even give a shit?

On the plus side, even MTV Multiplayer called them garish, loud and "basically unwearable."

Some of them are too sugary hyped, but they aren't the worst thing I've ever seen, not like I'd wear any of those pieces of crap, I'm perfectly fine with my halo shirt.

The "laser madness" (bunch of chiefs in a spiral) one isn't too bad, if a little uninspired, and the second one would be pretty good if it didn't have the god-awful leet speak on it, but all the others are horrendous.

Come on now, there are plenty of college fratboys who would love to wear these, throw on their backwards caps, and play beer bong to Linkin Park.

Eh that Yellow one isnt horrible, id wear it.

The rest are pretty bad

I was going to say ugly is only a matter of opinion, but yeah I'm in your camp on this one.

What about a nice simple one, just a outline of spartan helmet or something...

Then I saw the price and I just threw up in my mouth.

Burn my eyes out NOW. No one in their right mind would PAY for those atrocities.

id have to say the designer was on a acid trip- at least

If you think they're bad, -don't- look at his Stormtrooper Hoodie!

I did. Some of the Star Wars are actually kind of cool, like the Boba Fett hoodie >_>

That second Halo shirt, the yellow one, isn't too bad. But yeah, the others are crap.

Looks like any other t-shirt. Of course, my own opinion is "fuck all the T-shirts with brands on them". I'm not a walking advertisement and liking whatever band/game doesn't mean it's the whole of my nature.

Being a halo fan, i wouldn't even wear it.
It's too exaggerated in its features, i feel that it needs to be more subtle and put emphasis on an individual point (picture) on the shirt, or a light pattern that goes around the shirt. He seemed to have just crammed everything in.

By the way, if you want to see gaming t-shirts done right, check out the shirts by Fangamer.

ugh... There is just too much stuff on them.
The only "nErd" t-shirts I have are:
one white with JEDI on the front and other with Megaman on it.

What about just plain shirt with MasterChiefs black silhuette. wouldn't be bad.

I would get the orange halo shirt and one with blue spartan in different poses

these shirts are not bad but could have been better.

It looks like a biker shirt mixed with video games. And I don't think there are a lot of biker gamers around here.

Even the wiedly purple ride the lightening T-shirt is better than that ,and that`s saying something

Obviously I must have really terrible taste, but they look fine to me. I wouldn't wear them because I never wear t-shirts and even if I did, I wouldn't wear something so colorful, but I've seen worse designs *cough* in the escapist store *cough*.

That thing is a huge eye sore. There is just too much going on at once.

I wouldn't wear them, but those don't look too bad.


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