Marc Ecko Creates the World's Ugliest Halo T-Shirts

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my god burn the designer, burn his ass to the deepest darkest realms of hell!

Those who hate the halo franchise, imagine this was donw to your franchise, you can see its annoyance.

WTF is with the rhino on one of the tees anyway?

oh and sunami, my bro has the left "todd" controller.

Dear christ those are the ugliest shirt ever! I don't mean just Halo shirts, just fucking ugly all around! I mean I usally don't curse so much on the escapist like this but god those are just nasty.

Good god they are so fugly not even there mother could love them!!

Oh dear god i just googled his stormtrooper hoody i've never seen anything so full of fail!!

Ecko has a TON of horrible clothes...If you all think these are bad you should really look at some of the other crap that company tries to sell. The only Ecko clothes I own are plain polo's.

Wow. These are horrible. The man has no restraint with regard to color or layout. The shirts are way too loud and obnoxious.

And am I the only person who would rather have an Arbiter or Sergeant Johnson shirt?

I don't mind the second one.

It may look bad to you, but if you see half of the things teens wear these days, and it would look perfectly acceptable.


some girls dont seem to wear ANYTHING at school to bad its not like that in college

Someone's been playing with his photoshop filters and mistaking the results for "art."

i dont find #2 bad and ive seen than 3 and 4, but the rest are just horrible?

ugliest most expensive t shirts ive ever seen....

Wow, those ARE terrible. some of them look like some kid took a pack of master chief stickers and put them all over the shirt. though the "seek and destroy" one isn't too bad. Granted I wouldn't wear it, but it's not too bad.

As a graphic desinger I got to say, that while these are things I will NEVER EVER FUCKING wear. I get what he was thinking.

Halo = gamer = twitcher = idiot = stupid over-the-top ADHD graphics.

If you accapet this as his target, then his design is a huge sucess. As these are exactly the shirts that a gamer ( as is portaried in the media ) would wear. The real shame here is not the design, thats just a means to a goal. But the view that this designer has on gamers in general.

id have to say the designer was on a acid trip- at least

I dont even think a human could make such an awful t shirt, acid or not.

There's maybe two there that are slightly acceptable but they are all so horrible. I didn't know shirt designers used MS Paint to design their products.

These shirts are about as appealing as a mutilated corpse. I would never buy these. Not even for people. Because embarrassing a friend with one of these shirts is too cruel and unusual to be punishment.


Look at these things. These are six of the most horridly tasteless, vulgar t-shirts ever conceived by a human brain.

But one has the gravity hammer!
/me seriously needs to maker her own gravity hammer tshirt before she goes and buys that monstrosity.

He he, "Halo Master Stalker" , that describes perfectly the kind of people that would wear these.

Also, the fifth one (the spiral one) looks like there's an infinity of Master Chiefs trying to circle-jerk..... on your chest! eeeewwwwww

Who here actually owns a gaming t shirt?

Wow. Halo is gangsta now? Black culture has struck a nadir.

Dave Chapelle, save us!

Unlimitedly shit. They are just plain ugly.

The only one I can accept is the yellow one. Though he does need to remove that Pwn on it and frag.

But the others are just plain.

i'm gonna go burn my copies of halo now....


Oh, my eyes.

I wouldn't say the second T-Shirt is that bad but, the rest of them are horrible. They look like they're from some sort of terrible powerpoint presentation done by a bored 12 year old in an IT class.

If you think they're bad, -don't- look at his Stormtrooper Hoodie!

I just looked at the hoodie... I really wish I hadn't.

I wonder how many of those sold. Probably around none, since people who like star wars and people who think marc ecko is NOT a moron don't overlap. Like, at all.

Susan Arendt:
You know, I thought the yellow one was kind of ok, until I saw the "Pwn" on the shoulder.

Took the words right out of my mouth.

if i set someone on fire for wearing one of these t-shirts, is it a crime?

Seriously tho, How'd they make those shirts so damn ugly?

Those are awful. Way too busy.

I'm all for 'more is less' and this feel wrong to me. I've seen shirts from death metal bands with illegible names and gory prints that are more tasteful (not many though).

jesus chroist that hurts to look at. i hope he doesnt make a line of clothing for video games because developers seem to already understand design asthetics with making games, so they would already be able to make clothes for it as well, like valve

wait a minute, who's making the prettiest halo t-shirts?

The "Seek and Destroy" one is the least worst looking one out of all of them. Also, the kids that wear Ecko stuff 9 times out of 10 also play Halo. So all you really have to do is put master chief on whatever and those kids would eat it up.


Susan Arendt:
You know, I thought the yellow one was kind of ok, until I saw the "Pwn" on the shoulder.

Took the words right out of my mouth.

I didn't spot that either. This means that one, like the others, now has no redeeming qualities at all.

The "Laser madness" one looks like a terrible and annoying internet meme just waiting to happen.

damn these are horrible, the only good one of the lot is the seccond one because i like the color. thats it the rest are too flashy and waaay to cluttered!

I'm contemplating picking up the Orange T shirt from Ecko, it could always be worse ... remember that jumper your nan knitted for you last Christmas?

Are those..... bikini women with MC's helmet on and over-sized Assault Rifles? Oi.

Just looking at the thumbnail, I thought the yellow one was okay. Then I realized it was yellow and fucking blue.

those are some nasty looking ones.. . . . . but the halo fanboys will buy 5 of each shirt because it has the Chief on there, and we will laugh at them

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