Chinese Teen Beaten to Death at Internet Addiction Camp

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after the electro shock treatment, i had doubts that anything china could do would shock me

i was wrong

What I want to know is, who got the loot?

I'd probably be a lot more surprised regarding this news if I hadn't read an article just like this on the Escapist on how China used electroshock therapy on Internet addicts.

I'm very saddened to hear that this kid died. It hits particularly close to home, seeing as I use the Internet so often. I guess I'm glad I don't live in China, then.

Im curious to see exactly what sort of regimentation they put the kids there through, sounds more like basic training for chinese troops. Wouldnt surprise me if they were just training soldiers.

The scareist part of this to me is that it's probably true.

In all seriousness now, this is the kind of negative press China DOESN'T want. I expect they'll lash out at this camp and try to prove how it's an isolated incident and utterly smear these teachers before putting them away forever.

I.. Fine. What the hell China?

Omg china is so fucked up!

Jesus Camp +1.

Seriously though, that's terrible.

hated that movie...

it is terrible

What I want to know is, who got the loot?

Nah, he was hardly a high level. And I bet all the experience and the loot was divided among the whole group.

More on topic, yeah, that sucks. I can't imagine what kind of idiot would think that doing physical work for a number of hours or days would actually stop one's internet addiction, or any addiction for that matter. And such treatment especially.

I'd say that if the kid would've survived, he'd have all the rights to come back there, set his "trainers" or what you call 'em on fire and run around yelling "FIREBALL, BITCHES!".

Well, we could also wait for him to respawn...

This reminds me of one of my old posts about how to treat videogame addiction. I belive that many peoele responded with similar methods of those used in this story. I think that people who suffer from addictions need to create a new life in which the addiction is no longer necessary.

Most addicts are running from something.

"Come to Internet Addiction Camp! Results may vary."
Another needless murder. Strangely this doesn't sound like something Jack Thompson could talk about.

Just plain sad.

Hope they put their asses jail.




...China used to be cool...*sigh*...

China still cool!
Hehe Simpsons :D

"In this square, in 1984........nothing happened."
hehehe, more Simpsons :D

"You pay later!!"
Sorry couldn't resist :P

"I too have grown up as an orphan. My father was China's greatest ping pong champion, but he choked to death on a ping pong ball right before the Heimlich Maneuver was invented."

What's even funnier is that I think all of these quotes are from the same episode *rolling on the floor roaring with laughter*!

...what the hell?

this... this is... urgh, it sickens me. i hope those teachers get some horrible punishment.

See, gentlemen, this is what happens when people try to fight the internet. It's just better to stay here. The only place you'll be beaten to death is 4chan.

Yikes, I bet half of my friends would be dead because of WoW.


...China used to be cool...*sigh*...

China still cool!
Hehe Simpsons :D

On topic though: What the fuck? Just... What the fuck?

"we germans arn't a very warlike people, but even WE have our limits"

I'm surprised that this story was able to leave China.

"School administrators were baffled when this attracted national attention. 'We don't understand - our methods are flawless: he'll not be using the Internet anymore.'"

hahaha, yeah, cool thing you did there


Then the kid will rise from the dead as the Internet addict equivalent to Jason Voorhees... Beat them with your keyboard and your WoW shaman rod!

that would be a movie

well... too bad for the kid, i hope his parents get what they deserve

Kinda ironic really. Parents sent thier child for help and he was killed trying to "cure" his "addiction". It would be funny if it wasn't so fucked up.

I just hope this teaches parents. You kid is playing on the internet. He is not out doing drugs, running with gangs, getting sluts knocked up. So stfu and let him be you nutjobs. -.-;;;
Also since china has the 1 child policy, the parents of this kid should not be allowed another. They have proven themselves unfit.

I'm not that suprised considering it's china we're talking about.

What the hell camp needs to include: "the treatment does not include torture or other methods that might damage a child's health" in its mission statement?! That should have sent up red flags immediately!

well..he got cured

Hurray for the USA.

This is a very strange story, but China, what did you expect?

Games kill, allegedly.

Not playing games kill, actually.

Guess FOX News will be blaming this on games as well then?

Looks we just can't win either way, can we?

This is absolutely saddening. My condolences go out to the parents.

Well come one. One city in Chine was already allowed to kill every dog within the city, stray or legally owned and healthy, so the citizens wouldn't become infected by a rabies outbreak there.

The government needs to step up and help the country and its citizens.

Seriously, nothing was going through their minds when three adults were beating on him? I imagine at some point they would have said, "well gee, lets not kill the kid!" But maybe I just don't understand the Chinese.

Wow... What the hell. Why would they think it's appropriate to beat the kid for not running fast enough?

"There's something wrong w/ the world today, don't know what it is..."



I really only have one thing to send to those teachers:, which exemplifies my hate for people like them.


I hope you burn in hell and I teachers use the Internet more than twice as much to commemorate the victims of the poor? o_o

Anyway, this is just ... Gah. I hope those teachers get freaking sued and thrown in jail, there's just no excuse for something like that.

Stupid internet translators. -_-

I'm going to use the internet twice as much to commemorate the boy who suffered unjustly.That's what I said. I also told the teachers to go to hell.

That's the last time I ever put trust in Google Translator.

OT, but: I typed in this: I hope the teachers who committed this atrocity die, and I will use the internet twice as much to commemorate the boy who suffered these injustices., and it came out as this: I hope that the atrocities committed by the teacher who died, I will more than double the use of the Internet to mark the child who is affected by these unjust. Now it think that the teachers died

I don't know if I sound evil for saying this but, I wished I could've filmed the beating and used it in a kung fu movie!..

Does this reminf anyone of those little things called "Concentration Camps" held by a certain "Fuhrur" all those decades ago?

No. They were designed to kill jews in an efficient way, and the horror of the concentration camps is not really comparable with some chinese psychopaths beating one boy to death.

Oh well, I'm not one to judge how they do things over there. It's still a shame though.

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