Oh, Japan: Boobs Used As Marketing For Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

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Oh, Japan: Boobs Used As Marketing For Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

It's no secret that Tecmo's Team Ninja is a fan of *ahem* the female form - in particular the breasts - but this Japanese viral advertisement is just a bit ... strange.

One look at any of girls in the modern Ninja Gaiden games or the Dead or Alive series will tell you all you need to know: Tomonobu Itagaki really likes boobs, and the games created by his Team Ninja reflect that. I still remember learning that DoA2 literally had an option to determine how "jubbly" the in-game jubblies would be.

Itagaki may have since left Team Ninja and Tecmo, but that philosophy lives on. An only-in-Japan viral ad campaign for the upcoming Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, uses ... well, a pair of tits. Not in the usual way, either - they aren't just showing off the game's big-busted ninja ladies in a "sex sells" campaign. No, this is literally just a pair of fake knockers mounted on a wall by the side of a road.

You can make out a pair of hands, too - obviously, there is a female ninja (or kunoichi) hiding in plain sight by holding up a sheet to blend in with the wall... or something. So those are supposed to be her ta-tas, and passers-by are invited to... feel them up?

I don't even know anymore. The only indication whatsoever that this has anything to do with a videogame - let alone Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 in particular - is the game's logo at the bottom right corner of the panel. Otherwise, this is just a ... pair of breasts, on a wall, there for people to grope.

Let's file this one under the "Oh, Japan" folder for now.

(Via Lazygamer)


... Um...

... Yeah, I can't really say anything about this but "Um..." and this subsequent sentence explaining it.

Well the person behind the wall probably has no shame if you ask me.

"Oh, Japan, your cute when you try to sell sex." was what I was going to say but "Your creepy, stay away from my children" sounds better.

There was something about this on my 'lil forums, not much discussion came out of it but an epic quote:

This is fairly disturbing...not to mention overall creepy.

What's worse? The fact that they did this, of the fact that I am not surprised at all?

well that's Japan for you

What's worse? The fact that they did this, of the fact that I am not surprised at all?

Trust me, it's definitely the former. Prolonged exposure to Japan's craziness makes you jaded to these sort of things.

This really doesn't help a lot, does it? Unless they start advertising on TV and people connect Ayane's with the ones on the wall (highly doubtful.....). I bet they don't even see the hands in the corners.

That's the strangest video game advert I've ever seen.

What's worse? The fact that they did this, of the fact that I am not surprised at all?

I'm not surprised at all. They can get away with stuff like this, but if they did that here in America. Oh man, the petitions and marches. They'd make "Mothers Against Breasts" groups, etc. Oh man, the hardcore feminist would have a field day.

Why Team Ninja? I like your games but why do dumb crap like this?

I love how all the Japanese guys just walk up to it, grope it, take pictures, even though it's obviously a fake pair of breasts. We should have stuff like this in the USA. More laughter for us all.

I see the chap from Evony's Marketing Department got a new job...

*Shrugs* I found it fairly artsy myself to be honest. I think in addition to the game it makes a few statements both about the game, and to an extent a bit of friendly self parody of it's fans.

That said I find nothing wrong with sex in marketing, and you'd be extremely surprised at how much the same stuff appeals to women as ironic as it might seem.

One of the more ironic moments in my life was when I realized I had met more girls who played Dead Or Alive with any kind of seriousness, than other franchises like Street Fighter or Guilty Gear.

Oh Japan, never change. It's wierd, but not downright creepy. It would be downright creepy if an entire woman's body was on that "sign" and not just the boobs.

Soooo, where's that advert again :P?

Boobs are used as marketing for alot of things. Though never so...physically. I also probably would have been tempted to touch, just to see what they were made of.

For Japan, this seems quite tame.

It is a funny concept...

its a parrody of 'Be a Ninja, Hide in plain sight!' which is often presented in stealth games where you are mearly a few feet away and obviously in the open but still remain unseen.

the concept is that the ninja uses a white sheet and draps it over him/herself and is then able to hide against a non-discript colored wall. if you look closely the upper corners have hands which are holding the top of said sheet. however the would be ninja fails because their excessive bust protrudes from their impromptu hiding spot.

it is selling both sex and stupidity.
i love it.

Am I one of the few persons who thinks this is just fucking hilarious? xD

One of the best ad's ever! :p

YouTube is sucking lately. I'm going to assume this is the one?

I'm guessing these people feeling them up are like, "So, what - does something happen when I feel it up?"

And then there's this:

Uhuh....Was that actually over a womans pair as their were hands holding it up??
Makes me worry what they'll put into the game now...

I love Japan, I imagine the convo went like this: "What do you mean gameplay footage? Graphics why show those off? Look this is Japan we can do anything for advertisement so we'll draw from this hat. Inside is a bunch of crap about the game written on paper whatever we get we make an ad of."

And so artistic too...

Wait, what? That was... odd.

Well, what can I say? "Hey! There's a ninja's huge boobs over there!"

My definition of Japan is: A place where the unpredictable is totally predictable.

WTF did i just watch!!!!! I think I'm going to find a nice piece of a 2 by 4 and bash it against my head! Hell that could be a nice video response to that!!!

That's weird. I have the sudden urge to get Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. I wonder why?
Anyway, that's beyond creepy, but if it works that'll be even creepier.

Should I act surprised so I don't hurt Japan's feelings?

Lol. I wonder how the Japanese get these ideas?

Well. Um.

Fair enough. I really don't know how to comment on that.

I just love the fact that guys who were walking hand-in-hand with girls actually dragged themselves away from the person they were going out with to feel wall-knockers; especially because of the one girl who looked like she was making a reluctant attempt to pull him back, as if she knew it was impossible to stop him now he'd seen the breasts.

Overall though, it looks like I won't be visiting Japan any time soon.

Wait, what?

Where went the time that people used gore to advertise games? :/

And Ninja Gaiden, be it on DS, Xbox 360 or PS3, is bloody like hell. At least this way they could appeal to a larger group. I mean, boobs = lesbians and straight guys. Gore? EVERYONE!

I thought it was quite funny and unique. I'd expect males all over the world to act in a similar manner.

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