Castle Crashers 'Necromantic' DLC Due At Midnight

Castle Crashers 'Necromantic' DLC Due At Midnight


A new countdown clock has appeared on the official blog of Castle Crashers developer The Behemoth, offering a date and time for the release of the upcoming 'Necromantic' downloadable content pack: Midnight tonight.

Included in the bargain-priced $2 (160 Microsoft points) pack are two new characters for the cartoony, hyper-violent beat 'em up, a new animal orb, and (perhaps most importantly) chainsaws!

Now, instead of simply clubbing your enemies to death or slicing them in twain with a lightsaber, you can work out all your latent vaguely sexualized sadomasochistic tendencies via a motorized metal phallus covered in rotating blades.

Thanks, Behemoth!


I am overjoyed at this turn of events, and I would like to relate my ecstatic feelings to you all.


A new stage or two would have been nice.

Coolio! Only 160 MSPs? Then I shall definetly get this.

Glad to see The Behemoth are still interested in looking after Castle Crashers, even with the PS3 port and the new game that they're still working on.

Makes me wish i had gold again so i can play it with my friends....
God i love that game ^^


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