Arkham Asylum Pirates Get a Gimpy Batman

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I want to buy a pirated FF just to see that bug.

Me too; I'll probably end up watching a video of the event when it happens, it sounds hilarious.

Fuck it if I get in trouble for mentioning warez, but there is a fix out for it, partially rendering this useless.

Yeah, same thing happened with Mirror's Edge, I think. I heard that in some point in the game if you pirated it you just can't make a certain jump, like, your character runs slower, but it was fixed anyway.

Shouldn't other red flags gone up, like a guy commenting on a "bug" for a game that hasn't even been released yet??

It's released in my country currently.

That is just plain glorious. Eh-hem "Yes, you may pirate the game, and yes, you may play it. But I'm warning you, if you do that, you'll be playing as Batman's slightly older great, great uncle Gimpyton."

Maybe not exactly what was said, but close enough!

No describe...should've sent...a poet...

that is the best form of drm I have ever heard

pure brilliance

Ha ha ha! Love it! It's about time people got punished for this sort of thing! Go Batman!

This is only the beginning. Eventually, it will become so that if you try to illegally download something, your computer will come to life, take on humanoid form, walking on its wires and keyboard, and shout "DESTROY!!! DESTROY!!!"


The computer won't actually kill you, but everyone in your house will take one massive, synchronized shit.


Since its acquisition of Rocksteady parent Eidos, Square-Enix has announced plans to use similar DRM in its upcoming Final Fantasy XIII, where any attempt to use magic will always result in summoning a rampaging horde of Chocobos to crush the party, the player, and anyone they've ever loved.

... I think I want to try that game when it comes out now.

Its good to see efforts that punish piracy, instead of the lazy approach where everyone is punished. We need more of this kind of creative thinking with publishers and devs!
(If it was me I would have made the pirated copy feature a low texture Robin in Batman's place with zero moves. He trips over doorsills, gets headsmacked by opening and closing gates, one shotted by gun-toting prisoners, getting dissed by Harley and Poison Ivy {ouch!}...wait, that actually sounds fun to play!)

There's already a "fix" for it, so it was useless. Well maybe the dev's had a laugh on the forums when that person "reported" the so called "bug" but it was short lived. Oh well.

Ah that's great.

Innovative yes and definately the right approach from the comapines perspective in terms or forgetting that SecuROM S##t, and limited downloads, and uggh we all know the disadvantages of DRM that hurts customers and lets pirates enjoy a better quality game. *cough Spore

But the problem with this type of DRM is it is more enjoyable for crackers to disable. I rememeber an article I read on the DRM placed on a Spyro game that used similar methods, except it had more checksums written into base code covertly and such. It took a month I think before cracks appeared but this was before pirating was so mainstream. When the crackers finished the patch they also left a thank you for the coders who had presented such a challenge. Stripping todays DRM isnt hard for these people, its more a chore than for kudos, start throwing them stuff like this and the "scene" will be happy to compete against each other for first. Apparently this one has already been patched?

Still not as devious as Earthbound (SNES)'s copy protection, where not only would it have numerous hooks throughout gameplay to make life more difficult but it deleted your savegame at the final boss.

Hooks in the code can in theory be worked around by skilled programmers, but some little script kiddie breaking traditional DRM won't possibly be able to catch all of them. Bravo, Rocksteady! (Bebop was apparently unavailable for comment)



the fact that it is old and annoying is why they should do it

it should piss them off that they have to recode and listen to it.

This is so awesome I'm getting closer to forgiving Eidos for "Tomb Raider: the Angel of Darkness".

This seems fairly dumb, as the pirate has already played through the whole game. If they really want to see the ending, they can just YouTube it. Or maybe I don't get it.

Before the time of YouTube, dearie. It's a hugely awesome dick move. You get ALL THE WAY --mind, fighting through insanely increased random encounters-- and then you're cut off. I think it's brilliant.

Eidos has won the internet!

next batman game. pirate: doo doo doo doo argh pirate talk *pirates game. nuke falls on house.epic fail for pirates epic win for rocksteady*

Batman should have been nude, with an oversized swinging cock, that would have put people off...


It shouldn't take long for a pirate to re-program it to include all the original moves.

Not that I honestly care too much. I played the demo. It sucked. If anyone lacks a moral code, it's Eidos for releasing such an un-enjoyable pile of rubble.

You are a moron on multiple counts. Pirate =/= LEET coding skillz, pirate = dude/chick with google. Also, it was obviously NOT an un-enjoyable pile of rubble to everyone, or it wouldn't be praised so highly. Stop trying so hard to act against the mainstream, you might start to see why popular things are popular if you give them a shot.

Muhahahaha. well done Eidos.


I have to say that this is quite possibly the best idea I've ever heard of. Good work on the part of Rocksteady.

Next step: "leaking" a "cracked" version of a game on the net, which turns out to be a demo that shuts down 20 minutes in to say: "Insert Credit To Continue" or "You are NOT morally superior."

"Insert Credit to Continue" Would be perfect.

No! "The police are on their way". Oh my god, if I could record their reaction...

I like the "Insert Credit to Continue" one more, the police thing might not work on everyone.

I can't for the death of me remember which game it was, but the idea of rendering parts of a cracked game is not new and has been used before. While it's cool in Batman it's not quite the revelation some would make it.

I'll try to dig up the details if I can.

Just to let you guys know, the glide 'glitch' and the grapple 'glitch' were circumvented 3 days after the game was leaked.
Many people have already beaten the leaked version already, anyway.

That is awesome. That's a good way solve some problems with DRM.

Now this is kind of Copy Protection I can get back on! Instead of just whining about "GODDAMN PIRATESZ!!!!", the developers actually did something about them. Although, they could have been even crueller. Here are some examples:

Pirated version has encounter rates cranked up to 11. After trudging through the game and you finally get to the final boss, the game craps out on you and nukes your save file.

Spyro: Year of the Dragon
You need jewels to progress in this game, because a certain jewel count is necessary to open up new areas. Took pirates a full two months to figure out that the game dynamically (though not drastically) changes the amount of jewels you see and get. Not to mention that if you cracked it the wrong way, the once helpful fairy will tell you you're playing a pirated version of the game. Clearly, the people at Insomniac are gods.

now this is drm I can support

Bet we'll be seeing this excuse a lot for actual bugs in the future. "Yeh, that's not a bug, it's a pirate trap! Yeh, that's the ticket, pirate trap..." Of course, there is a strong possibility of this backfiring on the dev. It doesn't matter what causes the bugs, if they are reported around the net, most people are just going to think the game sucks and not buy it. Most folks aren't inclined to research too deeply, so they are likely to miss the developer response, and just read about the problems.

this is why you don't mess with batman, he will find you and make you pay

this is why you don't mess with batman, he will find you and make you pay

best way of putting it

That's it, Rocksteady are now among my favorite developers ever.

hate to tell all you nerds who know nothing about pc gaming out there but this bug was addressed within the first 2 hours of it being reported. it's been fixed since then so really who loses in this case?

great job guys.

Now this is a respect worthy move on the developer's part. Damn pirates will never learn.

Let's hope they continue doing this to keep the industry alive. Even if the pirates get smarter.

Serves them right, not showing a little respect to the guys who put out the best Batman game EVER.

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