ZeniMax Planning New Prey?

ZeniMax Planning New Prey?


Bethesda and id Software parent company ZeniMax Media now owns the rights to 3D Realms' Prey - could the company be looking to breathe new life into the FPS franchise?

Prey took some 11 years to come out, but at least it did. Another 3D Realms production, Duke Nukem Forever, well, we all know how that ended. Sadly Prey didn't make much of a splash among gamers, though it certainly wasn't for lack of trying. Do we forget that this Cherokee-mythology-inspired FPS had portals before Portal?

Well ZeniMax Media hasn't forgotten about Prey. The company, which is the parent company of big names like Bethesda and id, has swooped up the rights to the franchise from Radar Group, the brand management company headed by former 3D Realms staffer Scott Miller. Internet copyright supersleuth Superannuation spotted the filing, along with trademarks filed by ZeniMax for Prey as well.

Which obviously begs the question: Is ZeniMax looking to make a new Prey game? Prey 2 already exists, in some form, having been announced last year as being in development over at Human Head Studios, who did the core work on what became the first Prey. So perhaps ZeniMax is just taking over the rights so that it can have one of its imprints publish Human Head's Prey 2, or maybe they're farming the entire franchise over to one of its companies.

Recent evidence that Human Head landed a big contract for a "AAA" game with a publisher might suggest that the studio is indeed working on Prey 2, but who knows. I wouldn't mind seeing id develop a Prey game, that's for sure.



Didn't like the old one too much but at least it was unique and very innovative

(Plus seeing children get impaled by huge machine things never gets old *evil laugh*)

Well, let's hope it comes out at a reasonable space of time between the game when everyone hasn't lost interest in it.

Prey is one of my bargain bin purchases gathering dust in my room. I should really go pick that up, I think.

"Sadly Prey didn't make much of a splash among gamers..."

Why the hell not? I played it and it was awesome!

OMG Cherokee! On no, aliens are abducting them! Oh no, The guns are alive! Oh no, the grenade is a three legged bug thing you tear the legs off to make explode! And then it turns out that you can walk on ceilings using the anti gravity floor stuff! and then you throw up! and you get a spirit bow to shoot aliens from the spirit realm! and then you go though a portal and tiny and a HUGE alien sees you and you're like OH SHI- and it comes though the portal but is normal sized so you kill it! And you kill a big thing by cutting off it's machine gun hand with a forcefield and using it's own hand to gun it down!

Spoilers of the ending ahead:

Now tell me why that game was not recorded as the best game ever produced by mankind. I can't wait for another round of native american-anti-gravity-living gun FPS insanity.

The game ended definitively. There really isn't much room in the story for a sequel without it being crowbarred in.

The game ended definitively. There really isn't much room in the story for a sequel without it being crowbarred in.

no it didn't

i liked the game tho i had a few complaints about it. the death system was kinda neat and kinda made the game a bit too easy as well

The game ended definitively. There really isn't much room in the story for a sequel without it being crowbarred in.

Uh, no, not quite. Remember when...

and tells you there is still work to be done? That looked like a pretty definitive promise of a sequel to me.

I quite liked Prey, though. At first it looks like a generic Doom/Quake-like shooter, and then you find out they make it all revolve around native American mythology and spirits and stuff, and you're like what the heck of a world is this?


Quite honestly, I found Prey to be one of my favorite FPS's. The hidden tongue-and-cheek humor that your spirit guide unveiled on display screens, the fucking amazing physics (the two planetoids part where each sphere had its own gravity), the amazing integration of real native beliefs and mythology with a totally fictional "aliens" plot, and having Art Bell's radio broadcasts at just the right times.

Really, the only faults I had with the game were the low ammo limits (especially the leech gun) and the lack of any form of pistol. Man I love a game with a good, powerful and accurate pistol. Not crappy "Doom" pistols that you have no idea where it will hit, but the magnum from Halo 1, or the Colt and Luger from RTCW.

I sincerely hope they make a second one! The first was amazing! Everything about it other than it being a first person shooter was (and still is) fairly unique in the FPS genre. I have no idea why it didn't make a huge impact...

"We're Zenimax, we can afford anything!"

Seriously, they must be swimming in the stuff.

So...why did the first Prey do so poorly?

Was the first one any good, as Ive seen pre-owned copies of it cheaply for years.

GOOD. Prey was a unique game with a great premise and terrific ideas, even though it had terrible flaws in the shooter elements.

I should actually do a review of that, after Space Siege and GTA4 and Rock Band and...

Also, Prey did Portal before Portal.

Most messed up game Ive ever played. Seriously...I had to stop to register what I saw sometimes...
I had been waiting for Prey 2 since I beat Prey since its TOTALLY set up for a sequal.

I'd be willing to give it a look, if they can this time not:

a) Do the "You can't get across, I wonder if there's a path in the spirit world HINT HINT" thing,

b) Predictably make things start attacking every damn time you throw a switch, change gravity, open a portal, etc.,

c) Have anything so buggeringly obviously cut off as the "And now you will undergo a series of trials to unlock your true spirit warrior potent- Oops, sorry, no, here's a life upgrade, you have to run now"

d) Confuse predictable and melodramatic tragedy for poignancy, particularly when the victims of that tragedy are the only things allegedly spurring your character to action.

So...why did the first Prey do so poorly?

Possibly because the main character was an unlikeable jackass?


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