Prisoner Uses Metal Gear's Cardboard Box to Escape

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So the escape of a man suspected of killing two people is nothing to be worried about. In fact, it's a source of amusement! Oh the hilarity!


Surely it's more awesome, because he has managed this awesomeness even though he's French

Holy shit!
With logic like that, how can you be wrong?

Methinks this article is slightly biased against the French...
But this man is a genius. He deserves a cookie.

Hmm. A stealth game where you must escape from a prison guarded with superhuman officers whom can only see twenty or so feet in front of them?

I like the idea.

holy shit thats awesome.

Much respect to his skill and luck.

The case does sound a bit dodgy. The whole "other DNA" thing is something that should have been looked into more than it appears to be.

Escaping does not suggest guilt, it suggests you don't like the legal system for one reason or another.

Give him his fair do's , that is very clever :D

He has earned his freedom in my opinion.

Let the guy go!!!!

ISN'T really that bad. People are just dumb.

You can't say "just let the guy go, he's earned it" because he has after all BROKEN OUT OF PRISON where he was being held as an ACCUSED MURDERER. However the key word there is "ACCUSED" and given that he's spent 5 years just awaiting trial I can't find it in my heart to blame him for escaping. He needs to be recaptured at once, put on trial IMMEDIATELY and, if found not guilty, released without having further charges of Escaping Legal Custody brought against him and recompensed for the time he's already spent inside. It's a disgrace, that's what it is.

And people say we can't learn from video games.

Hahaha oh how the french do surprise me.

Wow just wow. That is really fucking awsome. Nothing else to say. I guess our prison guards are going to play stealth games to figure out new ideas that prisoners might use. That or invent a metal gear to patrol outside the prison. That would be one hell of a deterent.

You know what? This guy is made of win, pure and simple. Either that or his guards are made of fail for not even asking why he had tape and sheets of cardboard in his room.

I'm to sexy for my box...

That was sooooo epic it totally made my day. That guy is awesome!!!

...Just a box.

Dun dun du du dun.... DUN DUN DUN!!!

I agree with all that has been said, basically. Pure brilliance. Still giggling here.

yeah, That man definitely earned some measure of freedom.

That's just awesome

I think that's not what happened.

The dude had a lightsaber, and we know how they react to lightsabers terribles.


OT. That's awesome, now people have more ammunition as to why videogames are bad, and blah blah... yaddah yaddah yaddah.

Dude this guy is like jesus but a smelly cheese eating dousche that likes video game oh wait that isnt really like jesus is it?

Treiber? Treiber?! Treibeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!

So true. But, hey, he had to get out... Metal Gear isn't going to destroy itself.

Man's been waiting to be tried since 2004 and escapes Snake style. He has earned his freedom.

I saw this on kotaku when first released, and I'll say the same thing here I did there.

Fucking. Metal. Gear.
Give that fucker a medal and send him to find a giant bipedal robot with lasers.

P.S. What was that noise?
Just a box.

That is the single most amazing thing I've ever read in the history of everything.

He may be a murderer, but he is pretty damn clever.

Treiber? Treiber?! Treibeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!

Damn you, sir.

That takes some serious skill, and he managed it flawlessly, this man deserves a medal.

If my murderer ever broke out of prison this way, I'd want him set free and payed for lulz serviced.

Just to prove that technology isn't everything.

That is beyond awesome. Not the whole murderer escaping from jail thing, but the fact that he pulled a Solid Snake.

If they catch again him then all he has to do is throw a porno magazine on the floor and run.

He pulled a Solid Snake? Reflect on what you said there for a second...

OT: This guy rocks. He's just made of all that is win and awesome in this world. Let him go.

One more reason to stop making Metal Gear games.

this got to be the greatest jailbreak ever.

Fantastic. Just...fantastic.

Gotta give him credit. I'm sure he'll get a death penalty when he gets caught, but hey, he'll be remembered for a epic jailbreak escape. Specialy a Solid Snake kinda one. :D

I think he deserves his freedom now.

Wow. Absolutely amazing. This guy is crafty.


maybe he'll pop out of it in the next SSB

I bet if he did the next one would suck way less.

Don't get me wrong, Melee was awesome, but Brawl is getting dusty on my shelf.

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