Evony Sues Blogger for Libel

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But the adverts are defamatory and false. Do they even have a case? Surely the blog is protected under free speech anyway?

Great Britain is not america, free speech is not in their constitution... though it IS unfair that this guy is being sued, and it shows evonies guilt that they went to Austrialia to sue the guy. And btw the guy WAS telling the truth.

is it just me or that guy seemed like an attention whore?? also he is trying to make a rukus saying that "oh... the interwebz are in danger of the corrupt corporation"

i dont know, it seems like an statement to try and steer Anon (the deffenders of the web)

also, the company is right to make the lawsuit, because well, he was saying things that directly concerned the company and he didn´t had facts to rely on...

or at least that´s how i saw it.

Except that the guy was right about what he said. So you fail.

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