Iggy Pop Has a Lust for Lego Rock Band

Iggy Pop Has a Lust for Lego Rock Band

Iggy Pop's turn at videogame stardom will come with a twist: He's appearing as a tiny little plastic version of himself in the upcoming Lego Rock Band.

Footage of the former Stooges front man as a little Lego guy turned up on the French gaming site Jeuxvideo, showing an appropriately shirtless Mr. Pop rocking out to "The Passenger." Harmonix confirmed the iconic punk figure would appear in the game in a forum post over the weekend, saying that while appearances by real musicians would be inappropriate for a standard Rock Band title, they're great for Lego Rock Band.

"I talked about this a little when I talked at Boston Postmort. Real people is something that totally fits with Lego when they're a minifig, but would never fit in a mainline Rock Band game," Dan Teasdale of Harmonix wrote. "Also, something that was announced but not picked up by most of the articles I've seen: Iggy is also the voice of the tutorials in LRB. He's an incredibly nice, sweet, and awesome guy by all reports."

Iggy's inclusion in Lego Rock Band is an interesting choice. While he's not widely viewed as an overly subversive character now that he's in his 60s, his days with the Stooges aren't exactly what most people would consider "kid friendly." Lego Rock Band, meanwhile, is clearly aiming at a younger demographic than the normal Rock Band audience. On the other hand, he's not dead and that's looking like a pretty big plus these days.

Lego Rock Band is currently scheduled for release on November 30 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and Nintendo DS.

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Best News EVER!
And it's released right after my birthday. I'm getting some o' that!

What I ( almost ) said after reading the title:


Then I realised what it was about xD

But still, another guitar hero game, woop ?

TBH, I think this game is a shame.

I'm sorry but out off all the things they can make into lego its Rock Band?

Unacceptable.... he needs to be singing "I Wanna Be Your Dog". Cool that he's a character in something for once.

Yeah? No.

I'm sorry but I can't get behind this at all, LEGO Rock Band? Jeezus, talk about milking a cash cow for all it's worth. It would be cool if it where like a free downloadable or someting, but a stand alone game? No.

Game will sell like hot cakes though, despite what some moody idiot on an internet forum says.

Now that's sad

That lego piece is way to sober to be Iggy Pop.

LEGO is epic, and Iggy Pop and Rock Band both rule. I fail to see any problems here.

You know I was really expecting more of a difference in the notes than from the original Rock band. That is all I look at because it isn't like I really watch the representation of myself play an instrument mid song. Yet it will sell like it was the first Rock Band.....sigh.

I now know, for a fact, that Legos can do anything. Soon we will be bowing submissively before their mighty rule. Forget Zombie or Robot apocalypses; Legos are going to kill us all.

The notes are miniature lego bricks? Hrrk! Geek-out... overload...

does he also take off his lego pants during the song?

I'll start fucking laughing if we get Lego Ozzy Osbourne and Frank Zappa in the game.


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