Assassin's Creed III Could be set in World War II

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Assassin's Creed III Could be set in World War II


According to Assassin's Creed producer Sébastien Puel, Ubisoft has "had discussions" about a new game in the franchise set in the second World War - starring a female assassin.

Speaking to Xbox World 360 about the upcoming Assassin's Creed II, Puel was asked about the possibility of having a female Assassin as the protagonist of a future AssCreed title. "We've had discussions on that very topic," responded Puel, "It could be really interesting but we'd need to find the right time period and place for that."

One of the potential settings that had come up in discussion was World War II - and not necessarily for the standard "Nazis suck" reason most games seem to use, either. Instead, Puel said, World War II would be a potentially fitting setting because the various nations involved in the conflict were incredibly reliant on female manpower to keep their economies (and war machines) going:

"Where would that make sense? We don't want to just decide we want to change and have a female hero as the first inspiration is always the time period, but if you're talking about, say, World War II the economies in England and France were run by women because the men were off fighting.

So maybe in this context you were a woman in England during WWII. Why not? Nothing prevents us from doing it."

He does have a point, and it's possible that a hypothetical Assassin's Creed set in World War II would avoid the standard pitfalls of quote-unquote "World War II games." On the other hand, it feels like it could just end up becoming another Velvet Assassin style game. The refreshing part about the first two AssCreed games (for me, at least) was that they explored time periods that hadn't been covered in many other games - if any other games. The Crusades and the Renaissance are both relatively untrod ground, whereas WW2 has been trampled (goose-stepped, even) underfoot.

There's so much potential here for interesting settings that aren't WW2. What about, say, Elizabethan England, the American and French Revolutions, or the Industrial Revolution - to name a few? How about the Civil War? It would be disappointing to fall back on something so run-of-the-mill, no?

Still, Ubisoft appears aware of this very issue. While Assassin's Creed had originally been envisioned as a trilogy, said creative director Patrice Fortier, the beauty of the premise meant that the world could be continually expanded and fleshed out. "What's so great about Assassin's Creed is that we can just expand and expand," said Fortier, "I'm often asked if we're doing a third game after ACII... I mean, we could do 35 of these."

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Assassins' Creed XXXV

Please, no, just no.

Where would it be set? In Gabe Newell's back garden?

Why not the English Civil War? That could honestly rock quite hard.

Female Assassin: Yes

That would take away half the charm of Assassin's Creed. There are millions of settings to explore all over the world all over the time. It doesn't matter from which angle you do WWII, it's still done to death.

The French revolution would be awesome if you ask me ^^

I would think the industrial revolution would be the obvious choice. The other games are all set during periods of great global history and change (crusades, renaissance) I think the industrial revolution goes pretty neatly with these. It also offers a lot of conflict and exploitation that the hero could fight by sneaking around and killing dudes.

Hasn't there been a game that came out recently about a female assassin during ww2?

Edit: Ah just further read the description, Velvet Assassin.

Can't we just wrap up Desmond's story in the third game and possibly do some spin-offs from there? I'd really like for them to finish what they started in the first game.

Well at least it's history instead of ancient history and slightly less ancient history respectively.

... Isn't that just Velvet Assassin?

hopefully it wont be like a certain Assasin that failed in a certain War in a certain May Month. cookie for the one who knows what im talking about.

on topic: it shouldnt. if i could choose anything, i´d The French Revolution and the events following, meaning trips around Europe, assasinations of those obese british assholes that ruled Napoleon´s cities after he was defeated, and hopefully The Hidden Gunblade

Female Assassin: Yes

My thoughts exactly.

A stealth game set in World War II with a female Assassin?

Velvet Assassin anyone?

EDIT: Wait, It seems I missed the Line Where it says Velvet Assassin, so the Escapist Staff have ALL Ninja'ed everyone who put it

But in all seriousness, what about the Industrial Revolution...

Okay now that sounds bad in my head now I think hard...

If they set the game in World War 2 with guns and all that, it wouldn't be Assassin's Creed.
And there are 186 World War 2 games already.

Well. As a long term history student this screams "Noooooo!" to me. As a gamer, also "Noooooo!".

As for the desired time period, the English civil war, the French revolution, Victorian Britain and WW1 appeal to me the most.

I too would like to see them go more slowly.
As mentioned above, the French or American revolutions or just London during the Industrial revolution would be a good place to stop on the way to the future - that is where they're going with the series right?

I agree that WWII would probably not be the best choice for setting in the game, too many games have already been set in that period, it wouldn't really do anything new per say and would be compared to all the other WWII games out on the market

I think the American Revolution would be an interesting setting, being a lot of the colonists came over for religious freedom (and Templars are usually connected with the Christian faith) I think that would make for an interesting story, (just my opinion tho)

It's WW2! And you get to kill Hitler! HURR DURR!

French revolution would be more fitting.

American Revolution, England Civil War or French Revolution. All three of those would be perfect for both Assassin work and the option for both female and male protaginists, as Women used to dress up as men to spy and assassinate members of the other side.

Ill happily play a female assassin aslong as I can keep my clothes on

Funny enough I always imagined Assassin Creed III being set in the present day playing as Desmond for some reason being that it was the last in a trilogy. Probably couldn't work though.

AKA Velvet Assassin remake......

So my only idea of this is that they must be using a female assassin to hopefully not be called on trying to rip-off The Saboteur

... Isn't that just Velvet Assassin?

Ssssshhh... You'll spoil it for everyone.

OT: No, just no. Can we please just stop with WWII?

Johnn Johnston:
Why not the English Civil War? That could honestly rock quite hard.

Because there "Was" no English Revoloution?

If an Assassin's Creed game starts to have guns, I won't buy it... And also, doesn't this sound exactly like Velvet Assassin?

If they are going to have female assassins, I think the cold war would be a better stage than WW2.

Johnn Johnston:
Why not the English Civil War? That could honestly rock quite hard.

Not many buildings to free run off though.


Johnn Johnston:
Why not the English Civil War? That could honestly rock quite hard.

Because there "Was" no English Revoloution?

Oh dear.

Opening paragraph.


Speaking to Xbox World 360 about the upcoming Assassin's Creed II, Puel was asked about the possibility of having a female Assassin as the protagonist of a future AssCreed title.

Sorry, I couldn't help being crudely amused at the idea of having a female protagonist, then renaming it 'Asscreed'.

To add something of a less mindless nature, I'd agree with most people that WWII has been way too overdone. Also, as far as continuity goes, I think it's better that history gradually moves closer and closer to modern day as they attempt to discover where these various artifacts have gone. With this in mind, skipping to 1939 would miss out a major chunk of history from which people have extracted some excellent time periods (War of Independence, English Civil War, Industrial Revolution to name but a few).

Keeping it in a time where blades are more useful is also part of Assassin's creed to me - who's going to bother with wristblades during a blazing gunfight with the Hitler brigade? This is a good idea for the future, but Desmond is not yet ready for his Sturmgewehr 44.

In short: Women 1 - WWII 0

Female Protagonist=Yay!

Just set a damn game in modern day pakistan already so we can assassinate the bastards hiding out there.

World War I would be OK, but WWII has, similarly to any Nintendo property, overdone beyond the point of obsolesence. US Civil War, 100 Years War could be interesting too.

WWII could be interesting, but I'm so sick of it I hope if it is done, it is done well!

I can't wait for AC35, set in the far future where I'm assassinating aliens, or set in the distance past where I'm throwing big rocks at other cavemen!

... Isn't that just Velvet Assassin?

Pretty much.

Sadly I see them doing it anyway.

it would no longer be assasins creed it would involve guns and snipers, it would be a good game but it would be a disappointment to all fans. ALTHOUGH i think that its a good idea and would be a great game even though it wouldnt be original.

Im just hoping for a Desmond based game, Im kinda hoping Assassins Creed 2 ends with him busting out of captivity knowing all the moves of his ancestors

A female protaganist would be nice, but WWII is jumping the gun and is overused. Can't we go back to WWI or some revolution back then?

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