Assassin's Creed III Could be set in World War II

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why not just have it in the future outside of the goddamn animus? i'm dying to see that world

I'm fairly sure it was always meant to be a trilogy.

well then its no longer assassin with blades but itll just be a shooter and thats rubbish as u get shot when running away over rooftops it wont happen itll just become snipe every target from a tall building.
itll never happen
(ww2 bit not the women player thats possible and of course it may increase sales, may, of course it will =p)

WWII would kinda suck what with all the Nazis being basically the most evil SOBs ever to walk the earth and all the clear and easy to understand battle lines. WWI would be great though since no side was particularly more evil and I'm still not sure how everyone ended up in the fight (when did the Ottoman empire get involved). That and we haven't even seen the battlefields of WWI in video games that much opposed to WWII's well-worn battles

a female character, interesting, but because of the assassins in previous titles she may have to be a bit of a cold faced killer (no problems about that to be honest)

but if we are going to do a WWII game can we set it ouside of europe?
what i liked about Assassin's creed was that it was set in the middle east during the crusades, thats somewhere I dont go to in alot of my games, so why dont they set it somewhere else for this WWII version, I'd like to see it set in the more fuedal parts of japan...

Lets see you wall run when the walls are made from wood and paper!
The flip side would be stabbing through the wall to get to someone, KATANA POKE FTW!

Setting the game somewhere new would bring in new and more interesting weapons rather than the kind of thing we can just get in the latest WW2 COD game...

Everyone remember that this isn't set in stone. He was just suggesting something. I think it's a pretty good idea if it's the same style but different setting.

why does the series have to go forward in time each game? that would be lame.

The 3rd game could be set before the 1st, much more interesting time periods IMO.

one of the things that originally pulled me to AC1 is because of the medievil setting. hell set it in ancient rome or greece. WW2 FTL.

Couldn't they make it somewhat more orginal for the location and time?
If it was set in Nazi Germany, they wouldn't have much to build on, except assassinate non-existant military officers.

Civil War times seems a bit too wide open, it doesn't have much of an exotic city theme like Italy.

Personally I'd like to see it somewhere in Russia.

No place were they speak english.

No place that has been done before.

Female assassin is fine as long as it's fun.

French Revolution makes so much sense for this series 3rd installment.

1st - Dark Ages
2nd - Renaissance
3rd - Enlightenment

Imagine all the great characters (Rousseau, Voltaire, Napoleon) and going around Paris.

Only other way is setting in present (or future...Desmond's present)

I personally like the idea. I mean as long as they don't bugger it up like the other developers did with Velvet Assassin. It would probably be pretty interesting. I mean to go between different countries and act as a spy or political assassin for your war-time employers. Imagine having a mission like in the first one with the failed attempt at dispatching Robert De Sable, only this time it is the Fuhrer himself. Maybe a plot device similar to the one in "Forrest Gump" where your actions actually set in motion certain true historical events.

Oh, maybe the time surrounding WW1 would be interesting too. Like Assassinating Franz Ferdinand or Grigori Rasputin. Ah geeze I am getting all excited.

I have a fantastic and ground-breaking Idea....WW1! Thats a area no games ever covers because both sides are equally as bad as eachother. I would prefer 4 games with the forth being based at the current time.

WW1 would be a winner I think.

Why not the dam future; Is it so gad damn hard to grasp that the future has no boundaries on what you could do with it?

.......World war I could be pretty interesting though....

I'm sure this has been brought up lots in the last 7 pages, but I'm not reading all that crap. I just have to say this:

Did you really have to abbreviate it as "AssCreed"? That's just...Lol. Juvenile. Not to mention you said it RIGHT after suggesting a hypothetical female assassin. This seems to be no accident.

Anyway, I don't care what anyone says, I don't think Ubisoft Montreal can do us any wrong with a new AC game. It may have not been perfect, but the original was amazing and the second is looking to be more amazing than the first. I know I'll enjoy them all, regardless of any hypothetical ups and downs.

WWII? Bring it on. I don't care; I'll pay it and love it.

Just gonna put it out there...


And you get to team up with Teddy Roosevelt.

I think it would be a good idea if they DON'T include guns, or at least, compensate for it. I mean, regardless of how badass the Altair descendant in question this time is, there's no way to survive being shot several times, regardless of what all the games with regenerating health say. If they manage to tweak that, I'd honestly love jumping through the rooftops of Berlin killing the members of the Party.


Also, having Hitler as a final boss fight would be epic, and you know it.

I really hope this doesn't turn into another game company beating a long dead rotting corpse just because there were alot of good games that involved killing Nazis. Although i did have some doubts at the beginning of the first assassins creed with the whole sci fi setting thing, so maybe this won't be too terrible.

personally, i think if it were set in feudal Japan or the industrial revolution that would be awesome. also, WWII is a bad idea. enough said.

Probably already been said, but...a female assassin set in WW2? Haven't we already seen this in recent gaming history?

Female Assassin: Yes

That would take away half the charm of Assassin's Creed. There are millions of settings to explore all over the world all over the time. It doesn't matter from which angle you do WWII, it's still done to death.

The French revolution would be awesome if you ask me ^^

I completely agree with this.
I'd rather see an Assassin's Creed in space than in WWII

"We can make thirty five of these."

Who does he think he is, Robert Kotick?

Stick to what Assassin creed is about. You fight with a man for no other reason than it looks cooler than having a female assassin. Keep the deadth drops into piles of hay. Most importantly don't touch WW2.

Personally I think it's a terrible idea. What is a major gameplay mechanic common to all Assassin's Creed titles? The ability to scale buildings and assassinate in locales that allow acrobatics. Except for cathedrals and the odd 2-story building, what's to scale in England? Who do you fight, unless you're a Nazi spy or somehow the Nazis invaded instead of just bombing? Who do you kill?

AC2 hasen't even been finished yet and they're thinking about a third?

This is why sequels should be banned, to influence origionality. Also Nazis did suck, but we don't need 50 games on them.

"AssCreed"? o,O

Anyhow, I'll just echo everyone else, WWII is way too overused as it is, I'd rather like to see the world outside Abstergo's lab.

Just stop it after 2 for god sake. It's going to end up as Hitman.

Hmm, could work if you could play as Lucy's ancestor in a bonus mission of sorts o_O...

AC reduced to another WII game. That would be lame.

i'd prefer to see an assassin's creed game in feudal Japan. A serious Ninja assassin game would be great. I dunno i think WW II just a bit 'been there too often' sort of thing, if you know what i mean.

Why not? But involving a female assassin would look to much like Velvet Assassin.

This is why I think they added guns to early. If your gonna make a sequel to AC2 you cant have it all be guns because then its not AC anymore :( unless they find a way to pull it off.

Man I still haven't played AC 1 or 2, stop making new ones! haha jk. I don't know whether or not to get AC1,2,OR 3


Three Possibilities
1. Desmond's present, still not sure why Vidic brought people armed w/ with nightsticks and not guns.
2. Industrial Revolution would be cool, steampunk all the way!!!
3. The "time before" of Adam and Eve. see what that was like.

I think the French Revolution or Industrial Revolution would be awesome, and a female assassin would be fine too. But I'd rather have AC3 take place in the future with Desmond to finish hs story, and then have spin-offs after that take place in whatever time period Ubisoft wants.

i think the industrial revolution would be good. also they can get away with a female assassin.

Assassins' Creed XXXV

Please, no, just no.

Where would it be set? In Gabe Newell's back garden?

Gabe's the final boss, and maybe after it's released we'll see Episode 3!

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