World of Goo Coming to iPhone

World of Goo Coming to iPhone


What could possibly make the most innovative, physics-based indie game of 2008 better? How about making it portable?

That seems to be the train of thought behind developer 2d Boy's decision to bring World of Goo to the iPhone. Well, that, and the bags of cash potentially available by tapping the huge install base of Apple's cellular.

Apparently the iPhone version of World of Goo isn't all that far off either. As IGN reports, the developer already has the game up and running on the platform, with only minor additions left to finalize.

Aside from PopCap's addictive puzzlers, I can't think of a better candidate for the transition to a touch-screen based gaming device. Assuming 2d Boy doesn't totally botch the minimalist controls -- or ships a rushed, buggy abortion of a port like the iPhone's iteration of Puzzle Quest -- World of Goo should be a huge hit. Again.


I wish I had an Itouch.



I had been hoping for a DS version, but alas...

Yay, I can actually try this game out now.

I wish them all the best and hope that their piracy rates aren't nearly as high as they were for the PC (90%)

Sweet, can't wait to pick it up. Something fun to play during class now.

World of Goo is practically coming to everything, including OnLive. Next stop: Atari 2600.

I loved World of Goo. I will admit I'm stuck on one of the levels, but that's not the point. But I think that it might be a little hard on the iPod Touch to work. But, I'm willing to try. Is it a new game, or the same game that was released on the PC?

I had been hoping for a DS version, but alas...

Likewise, and I will probably never own a iphone or itouch either. Perhaps when zune HDs get some app capabilities...

Hope like hell 2D Boy doesn't decide to make it sensitive to tilt. :)

And again they are going to release it exclusively in the US and then whine because so many europeans pirated it despite it being their fault that they had no possibility whatsoever to buy the game other then flying to the US with a laptop and Steam on it($1200 from here).

Oooh, this is one of those games that would actually be awesome on the iPhone/iTouch. Want.

This is fairly old news. It was announced on their blog like 3 months ago.


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