Wrestling Legend Capt. Lou Albano Dies

Wrestling Legend Capt. Lou Albano Dies

Captain Lou Albano, the legendary professional wrestler and manager who became better known to a generation as Cyndi Lauper's long-suffering fictional father, has passed away at the age of 76.

Albano broke into professional wrestling in 1953 but it wasn't until he developed the loud, brash personality of Captain Lou Albano and moved into announcing and managing that he achieved major success. While he would go on to manage numerous wrestling greats including The Magnificent Muraco, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine and Andre the Giant, his greatest success came with tag teams: 15 separate tag teams earned championship belts under his tutelage.

In the 80s, Albano became known to mainstream audiences through several Cyndi Lauper music videos: "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," "She Bop," "Time After Time" and others, a collaboration that eventually spawned the crossover "Rock 'n' Wrestling Connection" promotion. The success of that venture helped ensure that Albano would remain a touchstone of the 80s pro wrestling phenomenon but for many gamers, he's better remembered for portraying the famed Italian plumber Mario on the short-lived Super Mario Bros Super Show!, which ran from September to December 1989.

Albano also appeared on other shows of the era, including 227, Miami Vice and Complex World, and had a brief return to wrestling in 1994, guiding the Headshrinkers to the Tag Team Championship. According to the Miami Herald, Albano, who stood 5'10" and was billed at over 300 pounds during his wrestling days, had been receiving hospice care at home for an undisclosed illness prior to his death.

Source: Boston.com


Goodbye, Pizzano. I'll plant a fire flower for you.

It's a me mario! They should have got him instead of Bob Hoskins in that awful, awful film.

Even as short-lived (and bad) as the Super Mario Bros. Super Show was, it's still one of my fondest childhood TV memories. RIP Captain Lou!

Do the Mario!


I'm sad.
He was an awesome person.

That's so sad. He's a part of memory that associated wrestling as something that was real, and cool. He'll definitely be missed.

Fairwell, paisano. I had just bought the show's DVD, can't believe I never saw it growing up.

Goodbye, old friend. Goodbye.

R.I.P Captain Lou. I will do the mario one time in your honor.

Guy's like him will NEVER be forgotten!
Rest in peace Captain.

Aw, man! Just last weekend we watched "The Goonies" and Capt. Lou (as well as many other wrestlers) was in the music video Cyndi Lauper did for the movie. I'd wondered what happened to him, now I know.

I'll staple a rubberband to my face in his memory.

Wrestler, Manager, WWE Hall of Famer.
R.I.P. Captain Lou, you will be missed.

I knew Lou Albano. Back when I used to go to church, I used to stand in the back, ostensibly so someone else could have the seat I would have taken, but really I wasn't that interested. Anyway, every couple of weeks or so, I'd be at the same mass Albano was attending, and invariably we'd stand right next to each other. We never really talked much, since it was church and all, but he'd always ask me how old I was (and always overshot it by about 3 years), and then tell me I was a good kid.

I'll miss you, Lou.

I barely remember watching The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. Would someone like to post a youtube vid of some of the show to help me remember?

so he was Mario in that live action part of the cartoon

never knew that


It seems that I followed most everyone when my immediate thought was "Mario's dead?!" I only watched that show once or twice, but he's pretty much what I remember. He will be missed...

it is rather sad, tho i'd like to know what he died from.

Rest in Peace, Captain Lou. You were a consummate professional, a hell of an entertainer and a great human being. Rest Well.

Farewell, Signore. May you find peace in another life.

It was a bit of a rude shock to see the news of his death flash up while I was watching Ninja Warrior. As bad as the show was, Captain Lou Albano added something to it. He was Mario. And, of course, one hell of a manager. Rest in peace.

Do the Mario!

all together now:

Here's episode 1 of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show.

R.I.P. Lou Albano.


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