German "Killer Game" Culling Fails to Set the World on Fire

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German "Killer Game" Culling Fails to Set the World on Fire

What if you held a "killer game" destruction rally and nobody came?

Remember that "Familien gegen Killerspiele" event we heard about last week? How families of the tragic school shooting in Winnenden, Germany were asking people to come trash their "killer games" this weekend?

Well, as the above video shows, it wasn't exactly a smash hit. I count five games in the very empty-looking bin, and one of those might just be like a brochure or flyer or something.

On the other hand, as Kotaku points out, this was in the early afternoon. Maybe all the devotees who were really looking to toss their violent games showed up later in the day. I wouldn't bet on it, though.


Well, shows how willing people are to give up games. Probably because they're FUN. Do people not realise that?

Yeah...they're all showing up tonight. After they finish said games.

I wonder if somebody thought of looting the games that were tossed in there.

Germans Burning books?.How appropiate.

hehehe, kinda makes them look like fools.
I wouldn't bin a game I just spent ($£)20-40... infact, any price I pay. I could just trade it in at the shop, and let some other person play it at a reduced price.
although the copy of Condemned I bought it buggy as hell.
Just open a door and stare into the endless black void... with a baseball bat leaning against nothing, just floating in the emptiness...

Well at least this shows most Germans aren't hysterical knee-jerk recationists.

Actually they threw loads of games into bin its just that there was a guy sitting there picking them up and taking them home.

And the last two games left are copies of Madworld because even cheapskates have limits.

Ah I love groups like this, they honestly think that everyone supports them and thinks just like them but then they go and do something like this, and get a nice warm bowl of Fail served up with a side dish of cold reality.

Gives me the warm fuzzies to know that every now and again the universe shows someone how much of an ass-hat they're being.

Well, it looks like Germany hasn't gone to hell in a handbasket yet. Oh, right, Angela Merkel. Nevermind.

Hey, Im from Germany guys...

I dont know how much you know about this "Killer Games" discussion but its a major theme for politicians and a reason for any kind of teenagers misbehaving. Like that kind of stuff.

But its fun: Gamers fighting for their right to play...against society :D

Once again, Games don't kill people, Stupid people kill people.

Yeah, it's a big damn shame that people died or whatever.

But when you try to get people to basically light their money on fire, you sort of lose sympathy points.

Hahah, nice to know my countrymen didn't buy into this crap, either.
The people organizing this are populist, actionist fools who fail to see the real issues behind horrible occurences like Winnenden or Columbine or wherever else.

Shoulda tossed the people that organized the whole thing in the fire, since there was plenty of room.

Do they not realise pressing a button is very different to pulling a trigger? And not just in the controls, it's the mindset.

Kill someone in a game, your mind tells you it's good, you get points, it's an achievement.
Kill someone in real life, your mind tells you you're destroying a family, going to prison, and losing valuable part of your life.

It really is that simple.

Germans Burning books?.How appropiate.

Oh shit, didn't think about that one. Hehehehe, nice.

Wow that's just....funny.

Hahahaha doesn't reality turn out great sometimes?

Germans Burning books?.How appropiate.

Too true, rofl.


I didn't really except many people to go to it anyway. Man, those people are idiots.

I wonder if somebody thought of looting the games that were tossed in there.

It'd be like fishing, except with an actual reward!

This is ludicrous. When a kid is killed by a drunk driver, no one goes around setting liquor on fire. I'm pretty sure the students killed would have preferred a peaceful moment of silence type deal, with candles and sharing memories.

Did I hear someone say "Yoink!"?

Once again, Games don't kill people, Stupid people kill people.

Well, more crazy people than stupid. Not that stupid people don't kill people - it's just they're probably more likely to kill themselves (on accident) instead of someone else.

You know what I would have done if I lived in Germany? Gotten some friends, my van, some chairs an Xbox, some very violent games and a crappy TV. Then I'd go down to their "protest" and play some Gears of War, Rainbow 6 and such. Give them some entertainment while no-one throws away their games that they payed good money for.

hmmmmmm...a bunch of people throwing away perfectly good video games?

That doesn't sound like a protest, that sounds like a charity event for poor gamers. If the local gamers are smart, they would attend and make those horrible games "disappear."

What a smart person would have done was show up and swipe a few of the free games.

Games are expensive... enough said.

kind of to be expected....

Isn't this going too far? German gamers are stressed out because of the "killer game" ban proposition by the government, to the point of crytek considering moving their main offices.
I feel sympathy for the victims' families but still, hosting an event like this (not counting the german book burning conotation) in a time like this is not prone of getting the expected ammount of crowd.

Serves them right

Games don't kill people..... GUNS DO!

Just kidding.

Guns don't kill people either.

I guess the games weren't cheap enough for extremist organizations to buy them wholesale and dump 'em in. Make a good show and all that. Must be easier with books, heck, most libraries just give 'em away.

I'm fairly sure the exact same thing happened when television first came about to the masses

People just get more coverage these days

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