EXCLUSIVE: Dark Horse Books Announces Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw's Debut Novel, Mogworld

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cant wait for that book

I'm not so sure about this. Remember the "has halo crossed the line?" threads some people made when the halo anime was announced? Because I think I'm getting the feeling they had from this.

Hell yes, bring it on.

I'm likely to forget about it by the time that it's released so I probably won't be purchasing it right away. But the second I see it on a bookshelf or in a comic book store I'm purchasing it! There is no way I'm going to miss this!

I'm not so sure about this. Remember the "has halo crossed the line?" threads some people made when the halo anime was announced? Because I think I'm getting the feeling they had from this.

Well before yahtzee did ZP he did text heavy point and click adventurers so he has been writing longer than he has been "Talking fast into a microphone headset". An the games were solid in the writing im not saying that as a fan as those games were the first time i had herd of yahtzee so i was not a fanboy back then.

Very interesting, I'll have to remember to look it over when it comes out.

Now this is what I call quality news!

Honestly, I keep pinching myself because I keep suspecting that I'm in some kind of daydream. But then again, my normal daydreams involve Morgan Freeman flying around on a sky bison, and I don't think there will be any sky bisons in this book, but I digress. As another poster above me has said, the best description for this is 'Looking For Group meets Terry Pratchett' and the combination's tantalizing.

I'm dismayed to hear I have to wait 'till August to get my hands on this, but rest assured, I'll be getting it then. Here's hoping Yahtzee can fuse his sense of humor with his already-demonstrated writing skills and give birth to something fantastic.

Now, I don't know about the novel itself (the synopsis is very minuscule) but am I the only one who is reminded of Richard and his bunny, the Archmage, from Looking For Group by that cover?

EDIT: Now that I've actually looked through the whole thread, apparently not. Nevermind.

It's a no-brainer to get this one, especially after name-checking Hitchhikers.

Sounds like we might be seeing something like a cross between Pratchett and LFGComic.

Not that that's a bad thing by any means, he'll almost certainly be making a sale out of me assuming it gets published in the UK.

professionally ninja'd
damn i was gonna say it looked like LFG

Well, there's another book that I'm going to read. I've really gotten out of reading since Wikipedia. Haven't tried anything new lately, so this should be fun.

Directions to the nearest bookshop please!
For irony he should release it in Australia and Europe, then save the american release for a year or two later. Don't let profit get in the way of revenge!

Please, for god's sake, do a tour of the uk so I can get it signed, and my t-shirts too. Darren Shan delayed the American release, and all i can say is please let the Americans go without for a bit.

Be very interesting to see how he writes.

lol, what if the whole thing had ZERO PUNCTUATION?

I dunno, I'll wait to see how funny it really is, I'm not too big a fan of fantasy books.

***AND, as worthless as these words are, Mr. Croshaw, PLEASE do not loose your head or sell yourself out.

Sound mind blowingly good. And the book cover looks like something from world of warcraft. As a Warcraft player i will love reading funny adventures of some MMORPG character in Warcraft style universe.


All we need now is for him to narrate the audio book and we're set

...Damn now Im gonna hold out just for this.

Yeah, that sounds awesome. Couple hour ZP?

Yahtzee you Sneaky Man!

How can A man who...

Okay, I give up, i want this book. Not sure why, and Yahtzee, stop earning so much Money, you make me feel bad!

I don't know what to make of this, the premise doesn't exactly grab me.

I must buy this. I sure do hope this comes to the netherlands.

Well, if it doesnt I'll just order it online.

Perhaps it will be sold in the escapist store as well?

Hi everyone,

Dark Horse guy here. Mogworld will be available worldwide, and hopefully available for pre-sale through Amazon and Diamond Distribution before the end of the year.


Well, I am sold. Hurry up and publish it!

Hum, wouldn't pin him as the book writing type. More as the journalist type. Still, It's awesome when someone actually gets a book published. Congrats to him.

Well I thought the novel he published on his website ("Articulate Jim: A Search For Something") was hilarious, so I have high hopes for this. =D

Loved that, as well as Fog Juice. But they all feature a character named Jim. Could that also mean that Rose and Penfold make appearances?

Definitely getting this if it comes out in Canada.

Well Congratulations to him. I hope his book is a big hit and If I get the chance,I may pick it up and read it myself.

Hmmmmmm.... Addams/Pratcht meets LFG (The undead with the completely normal name and a bunny are to close to not draw that conclusion) as told by Yahtzee... Should be win. Dont know where it will be released, but if necessary I'll import it. Can't wait!

Ultimate Collector's Edition** comes with bonus Yahtzee hat, audio tape, and night vision goggles.

**Disclaimer: This is a total fabrication.

sounds interesting, i'd like a bit more information on that book if possible. and the thought of Yahtzee migling with fans makes me chuckle. he's already made his feelings clear on such matters

Should be interesting if it's anything like the short stories he writes on his site.

As much as I love Yahtzee, I have a feeling the only reason this will even be published is because his name is on it. Even though I have very high hopes for it, there is no doubt in my mind if nobody knew of Yahtzee, this wouldn't sell very well.

That being said, I can't wait for it to come out.

Sounds promising. Be good to see what his step into literature will be like. I'm going to keep an eye out for this, assuming it's published in the UK.

I might get it. If it comes to Norway...
Also: the cover of the book reminds me of the Looking for group webcomic.

O_o He always said that he wanted to write a best-selling novel. The story is interesting so this might be a good start towards fulfilling his ambition.

Feeling slightly ambivalent about this. We shall wait and see, but Mr. Croshaw seems to be rapidly turning into a franchise.

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