When Frogger Met Grand Theft Auto

When Frogger Met Grand Theft Auto

Following the success of his past game mashups, YouTube user daneboe has returned with a new project blending the dangerous roadways of Frogger with the wanton destruction of Grand Theft Auto.

Yeah, the clip is a bit short at only half a minute, but that's all the time daneboe needs to set up and deliver the one gag that could possibly be gleaned from this pairing that doesn't involve a frog being serviced by one of Liberty City's most syphilitic ladies of the night.

While this video isn't quite as entertaining as daneboe's Mortal Kombat Vs Donkey Kong mashup or the Contra Vs Duck Hunt clip from a few months back, it offers a quick hit of nostalgia and giggles. Think of it as an hors d'oeuvres to tide you over until you can find something with more staying power.

Since this now seems to be an ongoing series, I'm racking my brain coming up with possible combinations for future mashups. Earth Defense Force 2017 Vs Golden Axe? Gran Turismo Vs Carmageddon? Ninja Gaiden Vs Ninja Gaiden? The list goes on and on.

(Via Geekologie)


LOL. That's pretty damn inventive.

lol, that looks awesome.

Oddly enough, it really made my day! :D

Made my day, and can't even pick the best out of all of them. They are all equally awersome.

All four mashups, EPIC.

Wow, that's pretty well put together. It's not just some sprite mash-up.

very nice how they put that together. and it's even good for a chuckle or two.

that was BRILLIANT! man I love the creativity some people have

Wow. This guy is awesome.

Awesome! I like all four!


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