Practice Your Putt With Japanese Women's Underwear

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Practice Your Putt With Japanese Women's Underwear


With the "Nice Cup In Bra," no woman ever has to be without a putting green again.

Golf is taking off with Japanese women. To capitalize, lingerie maker Triumph International Japan has invented a new set of golf-themed underwear. It isn't just golf-themed though, the "Nice Cup In Bra" can be removed and unfolded to use as an actual 1.5-meter long putting green.

That's right, you putt into the boob holes. Getting the ball in one of the cups will emit a voice that says: "Nice shot!" This set of undergarments has plenty of utility too, with extra pockets that can hold golf balls or scoring pencils. Plus, the back of the bottom half, normally covering the wearer's bottom, can be removed and turned into a flag that reads "Be Quiet."

Triumph International Japan evidently releases a different design of women's underwear every year that highlights a cultural trend or occurrence, so this isn't necessarily the most serious of items. Previous creations include the "Solar Power Bra" and the "Voter Turnout Bra." I'm not a woman, so I can't say whether this is an appealing item to the other half of the human race or not. Nonetheless, I feel that if a set of men's underwear were created that allowed me to practice a sporting skill, I would probably want it asap.

Source: Pink Tentacle via Japanator


That title is a sentence I didn't think could logically exist outside the mind of the Joker.

There goes the old "perception of reality". Again.

That staradles the line of most awesome thing I've seen and the perverted/sexiest thing. It's all most as awesome as bacon flavored envelopes.

Only in Japan.

Only Japan could come up with something so hilarious.

Another reason to add to my list of "Why Japan is dangerously insane as a culture"

Oh dear. The border lines between this reality and the batshit crazy universe are melting...

You be quiet!
Your booby golf is loud and distracting!

But yeah, this is hardly the strangest thing to come out of japan.
And nothing that has or will come out of Japan will ever be weirder than the shit that comes out of Germany.
Insert more stereotyping here.

... what the hell did I just read?

Wow, what will the Japanese think of next?

Seriously though, there must be major natural gas leaks EVERYWHERE in that country, lol.

I know that in every thread that deals with Japan this as been said over and over, but... I have to say it...

"Oh Japan..."

I'm not really convinced that these things will sell like hotcakes; they are, however, hilarious, and the theme behind it is advanced practicality, which is always a good thing.


Dammit Japan..

I'm starting to think they have way to much time on there hands.

That title is a sentence I didn't think could logically exist outside the mind of the Joker.

There goes the old "perception of reality". Again.

Erm... how are you meant to get the undergarment off of the woman?


All of these. What the hell?


Dammit Japan..

I'm starting to think they have way to much time on there hands.

Does this mean Japanese women play golf nude?

what do women think about this???

As I casually browse news topics I read "Something something Putt Something Japanese something Underwear"

Wait, what? I read it again "Practice Your Putt (unnatural segue) Japanese women's Underwear."

Hold on Wtf? I read a third time. This will not beat me. "Practice Your Putt" "Japanese women's Underwear."

Something must be wrong. My mind is not able to make a complete sentence out of this title. Reading the article didn't help much.

Winner: Japanese word collider.

This is utilitarian. The only problem I can see in the design is setting up the course.

Does this mean Japanese women play golf nude?

Eww. This is worse than when the Dean suggested a game of Cricket instead of procreation.

Cookies for reference.

Well. It's creative....I guess.

I... I just... what...

Well at least it is somewhat functional.

why does japan always have to do the weirdest shit ever?

At least this advocates practicality unlike a lot of the stranger stuff out from Japan. Wonder how many people would actually buy it?

well at least the mangas good...


I saw this on the news too

What will Japan invent next. Cylons?

Man, why can't we think of awesome stuff like that?

Every country in the world does something that contributes to the world. The United States leads, Canada keeps the peace, France creates great stereotypes that we parody in bad comedy sketches, Japan is the What The Fuck leaders of the world.

Well...I think I can see this being of some use in Japan considering they have such limited space there. Also this could work for when the woman is alone in a hotel somewhere and she wants to play a little golf in her room, or something. clothing? That is hard to understand for me.

I... I just... what...

My sentiments exactly.

Ah, Japan. Land of xenophobia, unrepentant war crimes, and stuff like this.

haha "boob holes"

The japanese, insane and genius all wrapped up in a neat little package.^_^

Yeah, I'd never wear that. They'd consider my cup size as beginner's because they'd give too much of an unfair advantage. For the lulz, Japan. For the fuckin-lulz.

Oh Japan...

you never disappoint as a source of amusement Japan.

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