ModNation Racers Beta Spawns Incredible Creations

ModNation Racers Beta Spawns Incredible Creations

It was known that ModNation Racers would come with some pretty sweet creation tools, but they've turned out to be straight up amazing.

The ModNation Racers beta began last friday, a PlayStation 3 exclusive racing game built around character, kart, and even track customization. In one simple weekend, players have already shown off the power of the game's character creation tool. For example, Mario:


ModNation Racers' starts players off with basically a blank canvas in the shape of a little cartoon character, sort of like a Munny. You can go anywhere from there, adding developer created eyes, noses, hair, clothing, etc, and modifying them to your needs, in addition to stickers that can create anything the developers didn't add. I've checked out the beta myself, and the character creator is possibly the best I've ever seen in a game. Extending that to kart creation and track creation is mind-boggling. So far, it's really fun to actually race as well.

Scrawlfx has been posting player creations all weekend and they're really, really cool, especially if you're into super-deformed versions of superheroes and whatnot. Destructoid has a nice selection available to view as well.

Here are some more samples:




My hope is that these creations will be left alone and we won't go through the same debacle that occurred with LittleBigPlanet, where copyright concerns led to the deletion of player-created levels. To get your ModNation Racers beta code, try following the PlayStation Blog or find one in LittleBigPlanet: GOTY Edition. A concrete release date has not been announced, with the game set for Spring 2010 currently.


Since you've raced, I guess you can answer the question every potential kart racer demands be answered: Blue Tortoise Shell?

Goddam it, I wish I had a PS3 now. Still, just more reason to get one in the future, right?

I think I'll follow this game some more, seems interesting.

Wow. Ive never even heard of this game and now im instantly interested. Ill be looking into this some more.

OT: Those creations are awesome, That character creator would keep me entertained for ages.

Wow. Now I wish I had a PS3. I'd ask for one for christmas, but I doubt my parents will jump at that idea.

I seriously can not fucking wait for this

Wow, those are awesome. I look forward to it's release. ^^

Bah. Why do the PS3 owners get all the cool customisation games? Nothing like that ever comes out on xbox.

I got into the beta and it is totaly sick. The level editor is also amazing...

Curse you PS3 exclusivity! Curse you!

At least I have another reason to get one eventually I suppose. Or start wishing for a 360 version...

Curse you PS3 exclusivity! Curse you!

At least I have another reason to get one eventually I suppose. Or start wishing for a 360 version...

dont bother just get it.

If I was a racing fan I'd buy this lickady split.

Gray Fox?! (In gruff, shocked tone of voice..)

They're amazing. I cannot wait for this game, but unless I seriously missed something, that beta was US only. If it was, hopefully Europe will get one soon.

ive played the beta and i have to say the customization is fantastic especially the characters and this was the reason i pretty much could not stop playing but i do have to admit the controls do need a bit of work in responsiveniss but im sure it can have adjustments and we can still enjoy the game

This is the first I'm hearing of this game. It looks adorable and interesting. I'll have to keep an eye out for it.

the beta is great, I hope after the game releases, we hear the 1 million user-created benchmark we got with LBP.

never heard of this game but those look amazing!
hopefully nntendo minds they own copywriting business

Looks copyright-violation-tastic!

But damn, ANOTHER good game coming out in 2010, this is getting ridiculous! Not the worst thing to complain about and is this made by Media Molecule as this seems like LBP crossed with Mario Kart?

Mind you, if this was on the PC there would be no worries as they could just put the file for the custom build of mario and it would be more trouble than it is worth for Nintendo to hunt down every little place on the internet it could be available, and on PC there would be no centrally controlled netword to sue to force them to remove "copyrighted content".

But if Sony shows some balls that would be enough though considering LBP and also how obsessive Sony are about protecting their copyright I suspect they will sympathise with any copyright-lawyers more than their own customers.

Ha! That's awesome, can't wait to see what people do with the kart and track custimization options. And keep in mind, over 85% of the actual in-game content is locked in the beta, so even better creations could come up when it's released.

Wow, those are awesome. I look forward to it's release. ^^


Also the Ninja is really, really cute lol

I cannot wait for this game.

I've been modding for years, and this looks like so much fun

This seems really cool. I think I'm going to keep an eye out for this. I love the Marvin one.


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