EA Ready to "Attack" Modern Warfare

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It's amazing how far ahead /v/ is from the news and so forth. For weeks people have been saying BF:BC2 would slaughter MW2, and I think it could be pulled off. The game looks far better to play, and it's not about HURRDURR SPRAY 1 HIT DEAD.

i played BF1 online. my god, it was so damn laggy. And the story wasnt that immersing. I Didnt care about them.

MW1 on the other hand, i almost cried at the end. Same With MW2.


When Gaz And roach died. :(

AND price could easily kill Shepherd. Pisstake TBH.



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[quote="Kalezian" post="7.166584.4426384"] snip


"oh hey, could you heal me real fast?......... hey over here, can you at least pick me up in the humvee your driving that has two open slots on it?"

There's an unwritten rule in the Battlefield franchise that if you want a ride in someones vehicle you shoot it for a bit while he/she's driving, it rarely does any damage so its generally fine.

Wait wait what? bad company? I think i played that game. Didn't that one suck?!? like reaaaally suck?

It had a lame infinite spawning system so you could die whenever and everythign you killed would be dead. You could run in shoot 2 people, die. Run back in etc.
Also when you were hurt you could use a magic medic injection. So you could just keep running through enemey fire, while injecting yourself.
And last but not least you had a silly repair gun that could repair moving tanks only by drilling into any part of the tank.

It's that game right? Did it have awesome multiplier cos i seem to be missing something.

Jing the Bandit:
This may make me seem like the idiot that I am, but, what does DICE stand for?

I think it just means that... DICE

The battlefield series has always beena strong one, since BF2 even pub games made players play sortof like teams, which is really impressive (getting random online people of which most are loudmouth ass-holes to work togeather that is)

What i also about the BF series is how it rewards teamplay. Take BF2 for insatnce, you don't need more than 3 dudes working togeather with headsets to near-dominate a map in a pub game, even if their "shooter-skills" aren't over the top or anything.

This will be good, Battlefield series are awesome, and if anyone can top MW its that, but i don't think they will sell as good. I thought this thread was about the new MoH too, but i guess they scratched the idea of that beating mw.

Is it just me; or does that picture look like a guy shooting a supersoaker?


Dark Templar:


Bad company 2 is without a doubt better than MW2 but I still hate EA. I will support IW to the end no matter what stupid shit they pull.

Despite them reducing the quality of your gaming experience, you'll let them walk all over you?

That would be true if we supported EA.

Lesser evil= Modern warfare imo.

Yeah, because ActiBlizz is the lesser evil. They raise game prices, pump sequels out at a dizzying rate and then tell you to fuck off if you don't like it.

In the last three years, EA has brought out franchises such as Dead Space, Brutal Legend and Rock Band, revamped the Fight Night series, and published L4D and Spore.

What exactly has Activision done? The bought Blizzard and they sequel the Call of Duty and Guitar Hero franchises. For the life of me, I can't think of anything else that publisher is doing.

If it wasn't for their purchase of Blizzard, I doubt Acti would be the juggernaut that it is.

Do you remember ANY of the DRM nonsense EA put gamers thru? Like any of it?

Bad Company two is THE ( would bold it but I don't know how) most beautiful game I have ever seen. And I was impressed by the first. One another note I liked Bad Company One's multiplayer a lot more than I liked Modern Warfare's. Maybe it was because of the fact that instead of obnoxious potty mouthed 6 year olds you have people with cool English accents talking to you or the fact there are fewer elitist douche bags but the whole experience was just better. I'm definitely getting BC2 and might not get MW2

I hope this outsells MW2 on pc, that would really shove it to IW. Yeah take that while you sit on your tonnes of bank notes not caring.

That wouldn't do a thing. Because there is (Unfortunately) no way that BC2 will outsell MW2 overall. Sure the PC controversies will be a thing to laugh at but then infinity ward will sit back and say, "You may have won the PC fight but we have "nuked" you in the sales war."

Also I am disappointed with MW2, sure I love it but the game is to far from realistic now.
Infinity Ward, are you trying to be more like Halo? Because everything is starting to get very toyish...next thing you know we will have some plasticy weapons with unrealistic attachments pew pew pewing there way in firefights.

Wait...SCAR-H with a Heartbeat sensor maybe?

Hmmm, i like Medal Of Honor, but i also like Call of Duty. But which one is better?

There's only one way to find out..............


... and the results are in and it seems that... battlefield has won!

Oh hey, my friend really likes Bad Company! If he gets it I'll have to borrow it and check it out. (or if I have money left over I'll get it)

The more games, the better, until you reach a point like in a negative absolute value graph, and it all goes downhill.

Rule #1 of Battlefield: You do not talk about Bad Company 1.
Rule #2 of Battlefield: You do NOT talk about Bad Company 1!

This looks like the game Battlefield fans have been waiting for; the true successor to Battlefield 2, not the game-that-was-actually-a-mod 2142, the console games, nor the cartoon called Battlefield Heroes.

However, I'm not preordering simply because of the disaster-fest that was Bad Company 1. I may be breaking rules 1 and 2, but damn that game sucked. As do most console FPS, but seriously... Wew.

I love how a few years ago EA were the evil ones of the business.....then there was Bobby Kotick.

Anyways i hope Battlefield Bad Company 2 does give IW a run for their money (which is quite alot)

Took EA long enough to get the picture--Infinity Ward has only had the advantage for a few years now.

gee i don't think infinity ward has to worry to much , when i look at bad co 1 and mw1 i liked mw1 more than bad co 1 , i hate ea games

A wonderfully stupid strategy.
What have FPS come to if Battlefield is picking a fight with MW2? They're as different in terms of FPS as you can get.

Hmmm, i like Medal Of Honor, but i also like Call of Duty. But which one is better?

There's only one way to find out..............


It sorts out every hard choice every Saturday.
God bless Harry Hill.

BF2 is still one of my favourite games. Top 30 at least...

MW2 is pretty fun, I have to admit (when you can connect to a host, and stay connected. Grr). But it just doesn't compare to a full 64-player map in BF2, especially when everyone knows what roles they're supposed to be playing.
It's unbelievable fun. And those gameplay video's aren't far off what it was like in BF2 at times, so it's not like they're showing us gameplay that's simply never going to happen in reality, in-game.

I never buy something on its launch date - like all games I buy, I'll probably wait at least a month to see what it's really like.
But if it turns out they've done it "right"? You can be damn sure I'm gonna buy it. :D

Why does everyone hate Call Of Duty? Especially MW2. The Modern Warfare games blew my mind. They're amazing. So well I would like to see EA and IW go at it, releasing better and better games, I think IW both deserves to, and will, win in the end.

I have absolutely no problem with this. Another company trying to make a better modern war game than Modern Warfare 2. All hopes they succeed. I'll be looking to follow this.

I think DICE has a winning formula with the cinematic atmosphere it has given BF:BC. It's really hard not to feel immersed even just watching the trailers.

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